How To Get Hair As Shiny As A Kardashian From Just £2, Thanks To Primark’s New Product Range

Andrew Fitzsimons, hairstylist to the Kardashians, has collaborated with Primark to bring us an effective and affordable haircare range...

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by Emma Stoddart |
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Andrew Fitzsimons is one of the most in-demand hair stylists on the planet. With an impressive client list that counts Adriana Lima, Hailey Bieber and the entire Kardashian Klan as regulars – it’s surprising Fitzsimons has time to do anything else. Yet when he's not styling, he is working on his Trans Cosmetic Donation Program, a non-profit organisation that provides support and resources for transgender and non-binary people. Now, Fitzsimons has teamed up with high street retailer Primark to launch an entire haircare range that’s effective, high quality and most importantly accessible for everyone. Grazia’s Beauty Writer, Emma Stoddart, caught up with the inspiring hair maestro to discuss the Kardashians, building a beauty empire and where it all began…

On where it all began:

'At just 13 years old my mum secured me a summer job at our local hair salon in Ireland. I was young, in my element and quickly realised that this was my calling in life. I decided, with my mum’s approval, not to go back to school in September - school was always a hostile environment - it was extremely homophobic and just wasn’t for me. My mum asked me to really commit to be the best that I could be, to not take advantage of leaving school, and to really apply myself at work. So, I began my journey into the hair industry and worked in Dublin, Paris, London, New York at 21 and now, LA.'

On working with the Kardashians:

'The first member of the family I started working with was Kendall. It was on her test shoot in New York when she first started out, she was 15 at the time, and I remember saying – "wow this girl is amazing." From that moment onwards, I worked with her every time she came to New York. Then, I worked with Kourtney after her make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic, recommended me to her. A couple of months later and now I work with the entire family.'

On the Kardashian hair personalities:

'The Kardashians have very individual styles. Kim is very polished and editorial, especially with the finish. She’s a perfectionist across the board and it’s reflective of her hair – it must look shiny and healthy. Kourtney, on the other hand, has a very effortless style in keeping with her natural, holistic approach to life.

Both Khloe and Kylie are not afraid to take risks. Khloe is such a fun client and just loves the glam. I use my Primark x AF Texture Spray, £2.50, to take her hair from flat to instant volume. Kylie is famous for wearing wigs and experimenting with length. I really respect her bravery when it comes to hair, and she’s definitely the most experimental – just look to her Instagram for all the colourful do’s.

They all have such individual styles and I wanted my products to reflect that and make sure I have a product for everyone.'

On collaborating with Primark:

'Growing up without money, I always shopped at Primark. So, to have the opportunity to come back to Primark and deliver a luxury experience for all women, without price being an issue, was extremely important to me. The team and I worked exhaustedly to create the highest quality products that are available from just £2 to £12.

The range includes a volume line formulated with collagen to pump up hair, a shine collection with argan oil and a repair collection with manuka honey. Everyone who’s tried the dry shampoo loves it – I made sure it’s invisible, doesn’t feel dry and makes hair look fresh. The volume spray will be the product that I use on my clients the most as you can create instant volume with a few spritz at the roots.'

On his top three career highlights:

'Firstly, moving to LA was a huge change for me. It can be extremely scary and daunting to move away from your home and having travelled around with work – living in Paris and New York – I always felt like a nomad. But when I got to LA, lived alone and had my own home, I felt completely settled.

My first Vogue cover was a big moment. I moved to Paris when I was 17, had no money but when I did I would buy cigarettes and Vogue magazines. Vogue was the pinnacle – the best of the best. We shot Kim Kardashian on the cover and I styled her hair – it was a huge moment in my career.

Finally, my collaboration with Primark has been an incredible career highlight. It’s so important for me to give back to the women who have been there and supported me throughout my journey. And being able to create a line of products that are luxury inspired and every woman can afford is a dream come true.'

The entire collection is now available to buy in Primark stores around the world with prices ranging from £2 to £12. See the products below:


Primark x AF Collection

Primark x AF Shine Shampoo, £41 of 11

Primark x AF Shine Shampoo, £4

Primark x AF Shine Conditioner, £42 of 11

Primark x AF Shine Conditioner, £4

Primark x AF Volume Shampoo, £43 of 11

Primark x AF Volume Shampoo, £4

Primark x AF Volume Conditioner, £44 of 11

Primark x AF Volume Conditioner, £4

Primark x AF Repair Shampoo, £45 of 11

Primark x AF Repair Shampoo, £4

Primark x AF Repair Conditioner, £46 of 11

Primark x AF Repair Conditioner, £4

Primark x AF Hairspray, £2.507 of 11

Primark x AF Hairspray, £2.50

Primark x AF Dry Shampoo, £2.508 of 11

Primark x AF Dry Shampoo, £2.50

Primark x AF Volume Spray, £2.509 of 11

Primark x AF Volume Spray, £2.50

Primark x AF Hair Oil, £3.5010 of 11

Primark x AF Hair Oil, £3.50

Primark x AF Shine Hair Mask, £3.5011 of 11

Primark x AF Shine Hair Mask, £3.50

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