Ellie Goulding Is The Latest A-Lister To Brave A New ‘Do

Ellie Goulding Goes For A Bob


by Daniela Morosini |
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Another day, another A-Lister braving the chop. The fact that lobs (long bobs) or 'BB' cuts (blunt bobs) are the style du jour has been rigorously documented - and it's a phenomenon that keeps on growing. We reported that Jessica Alba had gone for a new, shorter 'do on Monday, and now Ms Ellie Goulding has followed suit. Ellie stepped out with a swishy, neat and gorgeously flicky take on the trend last night - and we are smitten. It ticks all the necessary boxes with its blunt ends, chin skimming length and polished finish.

Unlike Jessica's beachy and loose style, Ellie kept hers slick and sophisticated. The key to a successful bob, as displayed by Sienna Miller (lob queen) and Emma Stone, is movement and texture. Nobody wants a limp lob, after all. Both Sienna and Emma's cuts have oodles of volume, giving them an undone, loose finish that keeps the style fresh and youthful. Super-fine hair types need not apply - this style is for those who embrace scrunching, salt sprays and teased-out waves, or at least the subtle volume of Ellie's bouncy ends.


Jessica's style was finished with plenty of matte, flyaway ends, lending it a beachy feel, but we're excited to see how Jessica glams it up for red carpet soirees, too. Ellie, too, is known for her mermaid-like tresses, so we're sure she'll be giving the cut an indie-girl twist pretty soon. Jessica’s worn her tresses in all kinds of enviable styles over the years, and seems particularly partial to big, loose curls, so we’re sure she’ll be giving her new chop a glamorous twist pretty soon.

And, if celebrity fans wasn’t proof enough of the lob’s longevity, a study last week suggested that shorter hair styles are actually indicative of us all having more cash to splash. The Sunday Times reported that shorter styles are often linked to times of wealth – which makes sense when you think about all the necessary upkeep and salon visits a shorter cut requires. You’re less likely to go for a high-maintenance cut when you’re feeling cash-strapped. Which we're sure is the reason multi-millionaire Hollywood actress Jessica Alba just got one.

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