Jennifer Lopez’s Hairvolution – From Jenny On The Block To Today

A Look Back At Jennifer Lopez's Hairvolution


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It's safe to say Jennifer Lopez isn't afraid to take a beauty risk. On our screens and radios (as well deeply in our hearts) since the late 90s, if you name a trend, Jen's tried it. Poker straight noughties locks? Check. Bigger-than-bigger princess 'dos? Check. Seriously tight ballerina buns? Oh, check, check, check.

While Jennifer is famed for those buns, she's also partial to a big, 80s style blow dry (obviously with much more finesse) and it turns out, she's a master of half-up, half-down styles. Irritatingly, while some of the looks might have seemed a lot more chic at the time, Jennifer somehow still manages to look REALLY good. With all of them. Not fair.


Jennifer Lopez Hairvolution

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Vintage J.Lo! Super sleek and highlighted circa 'Jenny From The Block'.

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Rocking the Ariana Grande half-pony, probably before Ariana was born.

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Jennifer always loved a plunging neckline - it's hard to focus on her pared-back, wet-look locks.

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And now we reach the 'Bennifer' (that's Jennifer and Ben Affleck to the uninitiated) era. That's some height at the crown.

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The birth of the J.Lo bun - slicked back and super tight.

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We like Ms Lopez with a fringe.

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We have hair envy - how does she get those curls so bouncy?

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The fringe is back - and this time, it's poker straight.

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An elegant uupdo at Fashion Week - do we detect a growing-out fringe?

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Giving new meaning to the expression 'beachy waves'.

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An evening take on her beloved bun with added height.

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We're seriously into this look - loving those big, defined curls and slicked-back side.

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A lust-worthy swishy ponytail.

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The Ariana half-pony returns - with added curls.

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Present day! A mix of lift at the grown and pulled-out waves for a sultry look.

Jennifer knows brunette works for her and rarely strays from chocolately tones, save from a smattering honey-hued highlights. She’s rocked slightly more ombre-d tresses, with a lovely blending of deeper blonde tones mixed in with her natural brown, but she’s never gone for a radical colour chang - hey, if it ain’t broke. Jennifer tends to work with longer lengths too – she’s never braved a drastic chop, but we think she’s totally got the features for it if she did ever fancy a long bob. That being said, we might miss her swishy mane – it’s as much a part of the show as her dancing is.

Click through the gallery to see some of Jen’s greatest hair hits and stops along the way to present day glory – maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your next big event, or just enjoy the trip down memory lane. Just remember, don’t be fooled by the rocks that she’s got…

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