The Internet’s Going Crazy Over This £3.30 Mascara

Taking budget beauty to a whole new level

The Internet's Going Crazy Over This £3.30 Mascara

by Eleanor Lee |

With the average British makeup kit costing around £111, it’s becoming ridiculously pricey to top up on cosmetics. Luckily, one beauty-savvy Reddit user has come to our rescue and discovered a seriously great mascara that only costs £3.30.

EllieDaisyLouise posted a picture of her lashes on the Reddit thread Makeup Addiction and the before and after pics revealed just how brilliant the product is.

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The Essence Lash Princess mascara seems to give lashes volume and length, is completely smudge proof and clump-free- the dream. As an avid Benefit: They’re Real fan, I’m all for a mascara that’s going to give me similar results whilst being £15 cheaper.

[Can't believe this mascara was only £3.30! Sorry for the shocking picture quality but this is the Essence Lash Princess mascara and I HIGHLY recommend it.](\_believe\_this\_mascara\_was\_only\_330\_sorry\_for/?ref=share&ref\_source=embed) from [MakeupAddiction](

The thread has since accumulated over 350 comments from other beauty fans all praising the budget mascara. One user wrote ‘I freaking love this mascara. Great volume, not clumpy, lasts even through a nap.’ Yep, definitely sounds like my type of makeup.


The Essence brand is stocked at Wilko’s and is available in-store or online. ‘The special, conic shape of the fibre brush provides lashes with length, dramatic volume and a false- lash effect.’ The internet has gone crazy with before and after pics that really do prove the ‘false-lash effect’ claim to be true.

As well as mascara, Essence also stock foundations, concealers, powders, eyeliners and anything else you would ever need to make yourself up. If the rest of their collection is as good a quality as their Lash Princess mascara, I may consider replacing my entire make up kit.

Safe to say I'll be making a stop at Wilko's.

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