Hypnotherapy Mind Massage: Does It Cure Stress? Or Is It Total BS?

Life is stressful, but can two hours in a dark room with a hypnotherapy tape playing really solve that?

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by Lucy Morris |
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I’ve tried mindful colouring, I’ve given mediation a whirl, and yet I’m still a wound up ball of stress. Studies tell us that our lack of career progression is causing us millennials to get stressed, and in turn sick. Research explains that social media is fueling a stress crisis in young women. It sometimes seems like modern life is shadowed by the risk of burnout. When genetic scientist Dr Hamzayeva began looking into the link between health, lifestyle and emotions, it wasn’t necessarily with the intention of curing this woe, but since Gazelli House spa’s hypnotherapy Mind Massage, which uses Dr Hamzayeva’s research, came to market people have been claiming she has. Keen to do whatever it takes to become a relaxed puddle of a person I set out for the wealthy enclave of Walton Street to see if a therapist could talk my wired emotions down from the edge. Here’s how I got on…

What Is It?

In a beautifully tiled sanctuary, a therapist attends to your emotional and physical needs through a combination of hypnotism and massage. The thought of losing control can be a little scary, but by the time I rested my weary self on the cushioned massage bed and the scent of essential oils began filling the room all that fear floated away. While my body was rubbed and pummeled a 90-minute recording of life coach, hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner Rachel Coffey played. It was like a dance with mantras and movements choreographed in unison. Coffey’s voice would ask for me to breathe out negativity, while my therapist simultaneously pressed down or lifted my head. The treatment felt slick and holistic, it challenged me to relax physically and mentally.

Where Is It?

Gazelli House in west London, which also offer prescriptive facials and diagnostic body treatments too.

How Much Does It Cost?

It is by no means cheap, at £185 for 90minutes but can you put a price on ease of mind?

My Verdict?

It’s a lot of money, but I came away feeling refreshed, rebalanced and like I was walking on a cloud. While a run-of-the-mill massage may cost a lot less and still deliver relaxed muscles, I felt emotionally recharged. I felt self-assured and yet serene, which is something no amount of pummeling alone can do.

Gazelli House, 174 Walton Street, South Kensington, London, SW3 2JL, 0207 581 4355 for appointments email bookings@gazelli.co.uk or visit the spa’s *websitewebsite.*

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