The Heat-Free Straight Hair Trick You Can Do Right Now

The hair hoodie AKA the hair-plopping technique for straight hair

The Heat-Free Straight Hair Trick You Can Do Right Now

by Delphine Chui |
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Everyone’s talking about hair plopping; the method that allows you to dry curly hair (sans frizz) by quite literally plopping your hair upside down onto a T-shirt that you fold into a turban on top of your head, but what’s the hair plopping for girls with straight but frizzy hair? Listen up.

Unruly hair? Check. Extreme laziness/lack of skill? Tick. Void of any blow-drying abilities and possessing both frizz and excessive baby hairs meant I retired to the fact I was destined to live a bad hair life. (Side note but have you seen Kim Kardashian before she lasered her baby hairs off in 2008!? Hello, Google.)

Look, it doesn’t matter how much Argan oil/coconut butter/smashed up avocados I put in my mane of unruly, frizzy hair, its texture is still coarse and I’m almost 98% a hot, triangular static mess.

Then, something truly magical happened.

Enter the accidental hair hoodie. I have a 100% cotton hoodie that I always travel on flights with. It’s always the same routine, I put my hood up, I fall asleep and then when I wake up and get off the plane, my travel buddy is showering me with compliments about how good my hair looks.

At first I credited the grease factor but have since realised that it’s actually the cotton that does something to my hair. Now I wash my hair, let it air dry slightly, run a serum through it, put it in a middle or side parting, tuck it behind my ears (the super easy DIY way to create face-framing layers FYI) and then put my hoodie up. A few hours of looking like Lucas from One Tree Hill later and your hair will have dried perfectly frizz-free. Low on time? You can even sleep in it. Tried, tested and mentioned to hairdressers who’s response has been, 'well, yeah, obviously.' So yeah, time to put your alumni hoodie to good use.

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