Is That A Halo On Your Head? Splashlights Are Set To Be The New Ombré

Are Splashlights Are Set To Be The New Ombré?


by Tor Cardona |
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Step aside ombré, as it appears you might have had your day. All hail autumn/winter’s hottest new hair trend- the splashlight! Might we just add that this hair trend is so hot that it hasn’t even found its way to Urban Dictionary yet, so us beauty ladies forgive your lack of knowledge on this rather awesome ‘do. Tipped to be *the *next big thing in the hair world, splashlights are a new highlighting technique, creating a horizontal band of bleached hair that stretches from ear to ear, creating the illusion that you are standing in a spotlight. Sound technical? Read on…


The new technique was first seen on hair colourist Aura Friedman’s Tumblr account: “It’s an effect that involves painting bleach onto a small horizontal section of hair, starting with the undermost layers, then covering all the hair above and below the stripe with a colour close to your natural shade,” Friedman explained. The result? A gorgeous, halo-like effect on the hair guaranteed to render even the naughtiest of party girls into angelic creatures (take note, Cara).

Colourist Friedman recently used the highlighting technique on singer Caroline Polacheck (@carolinepolacheck)

What’s more, team Grazia beauty reckon this trend might just be on to something- Friedman has an impressive track record of starting new hair trends at New York Fashion Week (including the infamous ombré itself), so might the splashlight be the next big thing for 2014? With the New York shows kicking off in less than 2 weeks (eek!), it looks like it’s only a matter of time to see whether this trend will be gracing the runways, or not…

What’s more, we’re loving the splashlight because of its versatility. Although the look is best suited to medium to long hair, the technique can easily be adapted to suit different hairstyles. Got a fringe? Layers? Fear not- your hairdresser can advise you on how best to work the halo-look into your tresses.

What do you think of the new trend, ladies? Are you in?

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