Grazia-Approved Styling Tips For Every Hair Type

hair tips every hair type

by Arianna Chatzidakis |

Ever wondered what the best cut, style, product, and styling tool are for your hair type? Grazia has all of the answers. We've researched into each hair type to find out just what your hair requires to look and feel it's best...

Fine Hair

fine hair tips

What's your hair like? It's frail and delicate, often looks flat, and gets greasy quickly.

What's the best hair cut? The thinner the hair, the shorter and blunter the cut should be! So opt for things like a blunt lob, bob or even a pixie crop. Blunt cuts will deceptively help to make your hair appear fuller, while layers can make your hair look even thinner than it is, so avoid these at all costs.

Hero styling products? Look to thickening sprays and root lift powders to help you create extra volume and body. A heat protectant spray - like the TRESemmé Heat Defence Spray - is especially important in preventing the risk of losing any extra volume through split ends and hair breakage. Also, keep a dry shampoo in your bag at all times as your hair has a tendency to get greasy!

Best hair tool? Thin hair can be made to look significantly thicker and bouncier through the help of a trusty hairdryer. The trick is to blow-dry your hair in small sections using a round brush, before pinning it up to create volume. But did you know that blow-drying can cause damage to your hair? Hair dryers work at a lower temperature than straighteners, but blow drying, brushing & styling your hair can damage your hair in the long run. When you blow-dry wet hair, it's weaker and so more susceptible to breakage. So make sure to always use a heat protectant!

Straight/Wavy Hair

straight wavy hair tips

What's your hair like? Normally it's naturally imperfect, messy, or frizzy. Due to this, your hair is quite reliant on styling tools.

What's the best hair cut? Luckily for you, having straight hair means you're open to a few different styles, including a blunt cut, or one with lots of choppy layers to help add texture. If you have wavy hair, get your hairdresser to cut some face-framing layers near the front, as this will be really flattering.

Hero styling products? As your hair needs help from styling tools, a hairspray will be your best friend when it comes to setting your hairstyle in place. Plus, a heat protectant will help to further lock in shine and stop frizz from rearing it’s head, for fluid, glossy lengths that last all day. Ooh la la!

Best hair tool? A trusty pair of straighteners will work a treat on this hair type. If you're after a sleek look, you can use your straighteners to banish frizz. Alternatively, you can use your straighteners to create curls or beachy waves! Double-win.

Curly/Natural Hair

curly natural hair tips

What's your hair like? You may have loose curls, tight ringlets or coils - either way your hair has lots of texture! Your mane is also unpredictable, unmanageable and time consuming to style.

What's the best hair cut? Curly hair is often thick and full of texture - so much so that it can get weighed down and lose it's gorgeous shape. To avoid this, opt for medium to long length hairstyles with long layers peppered throughout (avoid short laters or your hair will be bouncing all over the place!).

Hero styling product? Moisture is the key to making curls pop, so be sure to treat your hair with deep conditioning masks or leave-in sprays. Curlier hair is also more susceptible to dryness, so using a heat protectant will stop curls becoming frazzled, keeping them healthy and defined.

Best hair tool? Trust us when we say that a diffuser is a curly haired-girls best friend. This handy attachment goes on the end of your hairdryer, and helps to dry your curls while reducing frizz. It's a total life-changer.

Dry/Damaged Hair

dry damaged hair tips

What's your hair like? If you over-style, over-brush or colour your hair, then you'll probably fall into this category. Your hair can be coarse, brittle, and has tendency to break or shed.

What's the best hair cut? When it comes to dry or damaged hair, it's not so much the style of cut that matters - it's more important to focus on cutting off those pesky split ends! Make sure you book in regular trims to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy, and your mane will soon be on the road to recovery.

Hero styling product? If you do use heated styling tools (whether that's a hair dryer or a curling tong!), be sure to use a heat protectant beforehand. Leave-in conditioners are also great at adding moisture back into dry locks.

Best hair tool? If you have dry and damaged hair, you should try and avoid using heated styling tools as much as possible to avoid any further damage. But don't fret: you can still create gorgeous styles with non-heated tools, like velcro or foam rollers!

Hair is an important part of your identity, so make sure you look after it and avoid the burnout by keeping it protected with the TRESemmé Heat Defence Spray. For more information about hair the right heat protect for you, visit All Things Hair.

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