6 Cheap Hair Accessories That Even Short Haired Girls Can F With

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6 Cheap Hair Accessories That Even Short Haired Girls Can F With

by Lucy Morris |
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Though it’s been 30 years since the scrunchie debuted, every other hair accessory bar the humble scrunchie is having a moment right now. Blame it on Hilary Clinton-fatigue, or the fact that Bella Hadid has found a way to make hair slides look chic, but we want nothing to do with any hair tie (unless we go to the gym, sleep, have lip gloss on that is). In an ideal world we wouldn’t have thrown away our childhood barrettes and would be experts by now at wearing hairbands without getting a headache around midday, but we’re not. However, it’s not too late to start learning because these six reasonably straightforward hair accessories are going to be big news this winter. Whether you’ve got a short pixie cut or waist-length waves, get with the programme now!

1. Make A Bobby Pin High Fashion

As modelled by Bella Hadid, the symmetrical placement of your best Boots hair slides will give you instant Ghost World appeal. Tip: part your hair in the centre and then actually get a ruler out and measure an inch from your parting so you can place the clips equidistant from each other.

2. Invest In A Bootleg Slide

Real fakes make up one of the fastest growing trends right now. So, not only will you get heaps of fashion kudos but you’ll be saving a buck or two. We like how Diana has slicked down her parting to highlight her jazzy pin.

3. Ribbons Make The Best Headbands

Headbands make us think of Blair Waldorf, and while that’s no bad thing, it’s not exactly cool. To add an elusive edge to your outfit try spiking your hair if it’s short or letting your frizz roam free if your locks are longer then tie a silky contrast-coloured ribbon around your hair. Cara’s bleached blonde tone is off-set by a black ribbon, so take heed dark haired girls and choose a bright white or shocking neon pop so that the hairband will stand out.

4. Put A Hat On It

The stiffness of Winne Harlow’s leather beret means it keeps its shape regardless of how much hair it has to hold on to.

5. Backcomb Until Your Arm Aches

Millie Bobbie Brown may be but a wee tweenager, but she has a hair team with years and years of know-how. Blake Erik backcombed Millie’s miniature bob to ensure her sparkling headband was centre stage.

6. Take A Time Machine Back To 2002

Scandinavian label Saks Potts took us back to our school days when they sent models out wearing butterfly clips. Endlessly practical and much more versatile than we use to give them credit for, these clips were the talk of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

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