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5 Of The Hottest Summer Hair Colour Trends You Need To Know

Time to give your tresses an upgrade? Here’s your spring / summer hair colour guide 101…

Whether it’s the pink cherry blossoms currently blooming (#soblessed) or the much-needed dose of Vitamin D recently (thank you sun, we’ve missed you), there is nothing like the change of season to make us want to rethink our hair situ entirely. So, to get clued up on the hottest spring and summer hair trends, we called upon go-to colourist and founder and director of STIL salon in Notting Hill, Christel Lundqvist.

SPOILER: The #1 over-riding hair colour memo to take away? It’s back to the ‘80s - a beauty look the Hadid sisters have been keen to revive.

‘There is a big emphasis on neon colours this season,’ Christel tells Grazia. ‘The trend steers towards bright orange to neon red. These are prominent colours with an expensive feel, they are tailored yet bright; and boast of being salon created.

‘There is also a blonde trend arising, moving towards Icelandic blondes, which portray clean, pure and brilliant tones.’

So, before you hit the hairdressers, here’s your handy guide to making sure your locks are new-season ready…

Neon Peach

From L-R: Via Instagram @jessicaannewoodley;

‘Blorange’? ‘Sunset Blonde’? 'Apricot crush'? You may have heard these buzzwords flying around. Essentially, fruit infusions will be taking over your beauty feeds over the next coming months.

For those who couldn't get enough of rose gold last season, a soft ‘orange-blonde’ pastel is a good way to go. However, for those who really want to experiment? You can opt for ‘more vibrant and raw,’ tones according to Christel: ‘It perfectly complements warmer complexions and dark eyes,’ she says. ‘It's easy to wear for both short and long hair too.’

Sci-fi Blonde

The look set to rule festival season? May we introduce you to Icelandic Blonde. ‘It’s very fresh and leans towards a tone that's quite Blade Runner-esque; almost artificial looking,’ Christel says.

‘This is a colour that works brilliantly with a cooler skin tone.’ Current Nu Platinum poster-girls? See Cara Delevingne, Chloe Moretz and Kristen Stewart for more information.


From L-R: Via Instagram @keke; @hoooooyeony; @katherineann.moore

For those out to make a super-statement this season, Ruby Roots a la ‘It’ model of the moment Katie Moore is the one for those who want to supercharge their auburn strands.

‘It’s a very bright and vibrant red tone,’ Christel admits. ‘This is very much a bold colour update and can work well with short, mid-length and long cuts.’

Hygge Hair

From L-R: Frederikke Sofie; via Instagram*

The Scandi trend is going nowhere. Case in point: Nordic roots ruling on and off the catwalk (model Frederikke Sofie’s hair is a prime example). It’s ideal for those opting for a warmer summer blonde - with very little up-keep (aka, the dream).

‘Nordic blonde is slightly softer and more wearable,’ Christel says. Adding: ‘It’s very versatile and so can be adapted to skin tone and not such an extreme change in colour when compared to the icy blonde.’

Want a maintence tip to avoid unwanted brassiness? Christel suggests investing in TIGI’s Factor True Lasting Colour range, which works to nourish and protect colour treated hair whilst maintaining colour vibrancy.

Minty Fresh

Okay, okay bear with us on this: but My Little Pony is fast becoming the unlikely style icon of 2017.

Call it the Zayn-effect (if you’ve yet to witness the singer’s pastel green balayage dye job please Google immediately) or RiRi’s recent forest-coloured locks debuted on her stylist’s Instagram, people are going wild for green hair RN.

‘This seems to be more a trend led by the fashion conscious,’ Christel says ‘and embraced by those who wear their hair as a fashion statement.’

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