Four Wonder Products That Have Transformed The Haircare World

The must-have haircare brand that’s forever being featured in celebrity stylist’s beauty kits

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by Lucy Irving |

Two years and three lockdowns later, and we’ve all had plenty of time for trials, tribulations, and triumphs with the latest skincare crazes. So much so that come Spring ‘22 we are all self-proclaimed dermatologists with a skincare product stash to rival the pros. But what about our haircare? As selfcare continues to be at the forefront of our post lockdown priority list, it’s important we’re giving a fair share of this love to our locks.

What would happen if we levelled up our haircare self-love, to match the TLC that we give to our skincare? Where do we start? And how do we do that in a non-lockdown world where we’re not gifted hours of excess time for trials and tribulations to perfect our routine?

Fortunately, Hair Rituel by Sisley have done all the groundwork for us, refining four key products to protect, repair and beautify your hair. They've single-handedly shaken up the industry with ultra-effective, high-end routines for hair that shines with vitality. Their motto is that beautiful hair starts with the scalp, and whilst its essential to repair your hair, you should also take steps to prevent damage. The more protection you give your hair, the less damage it will get – simple, right?

Hair Rituel by Sisley have pushed the boundaries of excellence with highly concentrated, powerful formulas that have a blend of essential oils, minerals, vitamins, and proteins, meaning that your hair can have the wow factor regardless to whether time is on your side or not! Their high performing product line has two incredibly efficient complexes to meet the needs of men and women of all hair types (and all hectic schedules!). Here’s the four signature products we swear by…

Step 1. Revitalizing Fortifying Scalp Serum - Youth Elixir


Expert scalp care serum that slows hair loss and contributes to stronger, denser, and more beautiful hair. This treatment is an elixir of youth for the hair that’s highly concentrated in minerals, vitamins, plant-based extracts, and proteins. With continued use, this treatment leaves the scalp healthier, hair thicker and stronger with more shine and vitality.

2. Restructuring Nourishing Balm - Overnight Repair & Care


A deeply nourishing treatment balm that transforms damaged, dehydrated, and brittle hair. Formulated with an intensely nourishing complex, particularly concentrated in precious botanical oils. This balm intensely nourished, repairs and restructures the hair in a key moment but can also be used overnight if you’re after a longer and deeper effect.

3. The Cream 230 - Heat-Activated Protection


Heat-activated protect and repair styling cream. A nourishing styling cream enriched with precious botanical oils and the Complex 320. Activated by heat, this expert cream protects hair fibres from heat-styling tools up to 450°F/230°C. After use hair feels nourished, under control, stronger and blow dries look even more defined!

4. Precious Hair Care Oil - Nourish & Shine


This deliciously addictive, perfumed haircare oil brings nutrition, radiance, and softness to the hair. Thanks to an expert blend of Passion Fruit oil, Shea oil, Cotton seeds oil and Moringa oil, this luxurious oil restructures the hair and creates a shield around the fibre to reflect the light & boost shine.

We can’t wait to see the results from upping our haircare game with Hair Rituel by Sisley! Visit their website to find out more.

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