This Glossier Instagram Account Just For Brown Skin Should Be Your Next Follow

Emily Weiss is a big fan

This Glossier Instagram Account Just For Brown Skin Should Be Your Next Follow

by Phoebe Parke |

Ahh Glossier, the millennial-pink-packaged brand that influencers can’t get enough of.

If you haven’t tried out Boy Brow, Cloud Paint or (my personal favourite) the Milk Jelly Cleanser yourself, then you’ve definitely seen them on someone’s bathroom cabinet shelfie or in a vlogger’s makeup haul.

It’s no secret that most white-owned beauty brands underrepresent brown skin, and are constantly called out for it, but I’ll be honest - Glossier is one of the more diverse beauty brands at the moment.

They frequently use models, celebrities and influencers of colour not just on their social feeds, but in their campaign imagery too.

One Glossier rep is taking it a step further with an Instagram account dedicated solely to showing off the brand's products on brown skin.

Devin McGhee, a student from Atlanta, became a Glossier rep simply because she loved the products. As a rep she gets a cut of the money when people buy through her, and she soon started getting DMs from women of colour asking about Glossier items and colour matching.

‘It was amazing to see all of these women of color interested in a brand that I adore so much,’ she told Teen Vogue. ‘But I needed a better way to field their questions, manage the load, and show women of all complexions using Glossier products. That's how Glossier Brown was born.’

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People of colour have been adapting foundation and concealer colours from mainstream brands for years to get the perfect shade - and these are the kinds of things Devin hopes to continue sharing through her account: ‘As a chocolate woman, my skin's undertones change with the seasons,’ she wrote on one Instagram post. ‘Therefore, in the winter, I mix Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint in Deep and Rich for the perfect shade. Whereas in the summer, Rich is my perfect shade alone. But, no one knows that unless we share that information with each other, like girlfriends. Ultimately, I want the Glossier Brown Instagram page to be the go-to for women of color interested in trying Glossier products or that are already obsessed with Glossier products.’

As much as I love the whole concept of Glossier Brown (so does Glossier founder Emily Weiss who frequently likes the account’s pics) it is a shame that people of colour have to find a way to adapt and ‘hack’ beauty brands to make them work for us.

Accounts like Glossier Brown are beautiful to look at and provide helpful tips, but they should also highlight the need for products and imagery from the brand itself that caters to non-white customers.

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