From Russia With Love: Giorgio Armani On His New Fragrances


by Phoebe McDowell |
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With two new fragrances inspired by Russia, we spoke to Giorgio Armani about Malachite Vert & Malachite Rouge

The two new Armani scents have stolen our hearts and captured our minds. It may have something to do with our current obsession with War And Peace (the adaptation of Tolstoy’s novel has sparked an insatiable curiosity for 19th Century Russia), but it certainly has much to do with the fragrances themselves. Created by renowned perfumers Pascal Gaurin and Fabrice Pellegrin, Malachite Rouge is a cashmere-soft floral with heady lily at its heart, while Malachite Vert is more voluptuous, with discernable notes of tuberose.

Here’s a little more about Mr Armani’s inspiration and influences...

What does your personal piece of malachite mean to you?

"Several years ago someone very dear to me gave me a piece of Malachite to protect me - that’s its main purpose. The stones influence is always so positive and for me, it has the power to evoke great memories."

What was your reasoning for creating ‘rouge’ Malachite, a version that doesn’t exist in nature?

"I created Armani Privé to provide an olfactive lens into a world that I am fascinated by, and one that allows me to freely express my creativity. In order to represent the complexity and sensuality of the contemporary female world I knew I wanted to play with two complementary fragrances."

What about Russia was considered when creating these perfumes?

"Taking inspiration from countries and cultures that are different from my own takes great consideration and understanding. When I think of Russia I imagine strength, conviction and opulence but all with a lingering sensuality. All of this is condensed in these two new fragrances. Enjoy."

Launched Monday 15th February. Available at and

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