Video: How To Get K-Stew’s Chanel Hair

All you need to know to get ravey Chanel-style plaits


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It wasn’t just Kristen Stewart’s mega-mastery of bitchy resting face or the fact that she was wearing your year’s worth of rent in fantastically rodeo-themed Karl creations in Chanel’s pre-fall 2014 ads. Her messy-on-top, plaited at the side hair-do looked pretty damn fierce, too.

It was somewhere between a side-shave bouff and corn-rows, and mouth-squinching as that might sound, it actually works in an undone, ravey kind of way – even if you’re wearing Nikes instead of Chanel boots. Best of all, it looks even better when you’ve slept on it, or stayed up all night wearing it, as the case may be.


Wanna give it a go? Watch Hair by Joël’s easy-to-do tutorial. We’ve even included the steps below if you’re fingers get too tangled in hair to pause the vid as you go...

You need:

Comb or brush

Clips to divide

Hair grips

Texturizing hairspray such as Unite's Beach Day spray.

How to:

  1. Divide hair into three sections – the top section starting at the middle of your eyebrows.

  2. Take a triangle section of the hair at the hairline on one side and divide it into three.

  3. French plait the whole side-section of the hair to the nape of the neck. Always take the hair from the outside of the section, overlapping in the middle. Plait the hair to the end. Repeat on the other side.

  4. Dampen sections of the remaining loose hair with a spritz of texturizer or water to create a messier texture to the other plaited hair.

  5. Loosely French plait the top of the hair, and then continue as before down the back of the head and the length.

  6. Secure any shorter sections on top of the hair. Tease out the plait on top with your fingers to create a messier texture.

  7. Finish with hairspray, eyeliner and a K-Stew scowl.

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