Cover Me In Glitter: Should I Buy…The Frank Body Shimmer Scrub?

Prepare to turn your bathroom into a disco ball

The Frank Body Shimmer Scrub

by Alyss Bowen |
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Frank body scrubs have got a bit of a reputation for being the holy grail of all body scrubs. You’ll have heard of their famous coffee scrub, and now they’ve released a ‘Shimmer Scrub.’

As an exfoliator novice (I don’t do it as much as I should) I’ll admit, I felt sceptical when handed their new glitter body scrub. But, all in the name of beauty, I tested it out anyway. Especially because it apparently has a 50, 000 thousand waiting list. This is no lie, 50,000 people are waiting to scrub their bodies in glitter and take the famous Frank bod selfie for the gram. Mental. So, what's it like?

First thoughts?

‘Oh hello extremely shiny packaging I like you.’ Who doesn’t love a holographic package of beauty goodies? Also, this stuff smells AMAZING. Like coffee but sweeter…coffee with sugar. Sold.

How does it work though?

According to the packet, this stuff is full of ‘tiny gold and silver particles that hug your skin, just light highlighter for your bod.’ Highlighter for my bod? I mean, I’ve only just grasped the concept of highlighter for my actual face but why the heck not. My skin was left with a really nice sheen, rather than full on glitter. Which is definitely a good thing as I don’t know if it’s acceptable to rock into work on a Wednesday coated in glitter.

Does it actually exfoliate your skin though?

Short answer: Yes it bloody does. Long answer: This has similar properties to the original formula in that it has ground coffee as the main exfoliator. It’s mixed together with salt, sugar and moisturising elements like grapeseed oil and Vitamin E. After applying it my skin felt the smoothest it’s probably felt in about 23 years. So since I was a kid, great.

Was it messy?

My bath took a hit after applying this one. It looked like a glitter ball. I kind of liked it, maybe I’ll make it a permeant feature.

Is it worth it?

Let’s be real here: it’s a gimmick for sure. It’s shiny and sparkly and you can take a picture and share it to thousands with the Frank Body hashtag. But, who says a gimmick has to be a negative thing? The scrub itself is really, really good. My skin felt, and still feels, amazing two days after using it and I’ll most definitely be using it again. Yes, it’s £15.95, but you only need a small amount so get on that waiting list and get ready to have a party in your bathroom. I even took a gif of myself and uploaded it to giphy for the purpose of this article, if that’s not dedication to a product I don’t know what is.

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