6 Black Eyeliners That Stay In Place (No Matter What!)

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6 Black Eyeliners That Stays In Place (No Matter What!)

by Lucy Morris |

Men may get the five o’clock shadow, but us women are all too familiar with the six o’clock smudge. Commonly found on wearied women who got up too early for work, blindly applied eyeliner only to find it slowly migrated from lash line downwards come EOP. Oh too often does it happen and never ever is it ideal. So, what’s one to do but find an eyeliner that stays put, that doesn’t smudge, or smush, or fade. In lieu of asking KISS for advice, we’ve done our own market testing. We particularly like Buxom’s because while it’s a pencil form for ease of application it’s actually a gel, which means that it’s transfer and water resistant. Plus, it stays midnight black from application to removal. An eyeliner edit wouldn’t be complete without Eyeko’s Skinny Liquid Eyeliner as it’s got the perfect tip for perfecting a cateye flick.


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