Should I Buy… The Electric Beauty Sponge?

Can a battery operated beauty sponge really give me a perfectly blended foundation layer?

Should I Buy... The Electric Beauty Sponge?

by Jess Commons |
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Up until this week I thought the only automatic beauty applying machine I'd come across was in the Jetsons. Or The Simpsons.

Then I realised, they'd already been invented! The electric beauty sponge is fast becoming something people are catching on to. What is it pray tell? Well, it's a little sponge that attaches to your face cleaning brush (or exists as a stand-alone thing) which rotates. The idea is, you apply foundation to to it, turn it on, hold it up to your face and voila! beautifully blended foundation.

BUT. Does it work?

Chloe Morello bloody loved hers, even if at $100AUS it was kind of expensive.

As did Desi Girl

But what about us?


Well, I'm not going to lie guys, it is pretty nice having someone else do all the work for you. I got nice even coverage and I didn't find myself pressing as hard as I would with a normal beauty sponge. The one I tried out was the sponge attachment on the Braun facial epilator & cleansing brush system which comes with an epilator attachment and several cleansing brushes.

It is kind of hard when it gets to your nose, your eyebrows and other places that can be hard to apply. Because you can't bend the sponge or squish it, it's tough to get right on into the crevices.

I am going VERY FAST in this video - it's actually a lot easier when you've slowed right down.

At the end though, I was dead chuffed with the coverage I got. It was even, easy to cover up mistakes and felt like it had more staying power than from other applications.

There's plenty more on offer to get your hands on too...

Pixnor 7 in 1 Electric Face and Body Cleaner, £7.99

JideTech Electric Face Clean Brush 4-in-1

KINGDOMCARES Ultrasonic Premium Facial Cleansing Brush

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