DIY Lip Stain Plus Matching Lip Balm

Because lip stains can be expensive and Kool-Aid tastes better anyway

DIY Lip Stain Plus Matching Lip Balm

by Mari Santos |
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Sometimes DIY beauty is like going on a really bad date: maximum effort, minimal results.

But this stain is super easy to do, lasts forever (really), and there’s a tasty lip balm bonus involved too.

Follow me to get the Kool-Aid red lips of your dreams.

For the stain only, you will need a small bowl, a teaspoon of water, Kool-Aid and a cotton swab (Kool Aid is an American thing, but you can get it at Tesco for 30p a sachet).

Add the Kool-Aid to the teaspoon of water.


This part is important. You want to make sure your lips are prepped and that there are no flakes or dry areas. Use a scrub and lip balm if necessary. I’m using Clarins Daily Energizer Lip Balm.

Apply the stain all over the lips in a thick layer. Leave on for 5 minutes (or longer for a darker, longer lasting stain).

Remove the Kool-Aid. Best done washed over the sink but I used a damp cotton pad.

Admire your newly stained lips and apply lip balm again to finish.

What’s that? You want to use the rest of the Kool-Aid packets you bought because you don’t actually drink Kool-Aid and had to buy a pack of 20 to make this DIY happen? I got you.

Take a tablespoon of petroleum jelly and place it in the microwave.

Add your Kool-Aid and stir.

Add a few drops of water to “activate” the colour.

Put into desired container and apply on top of the stain when you’re feeling fancy.

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