Get Rid Of Spots With This DIY Grapeseed & Thyme Treatment

Woke up with a spot of the night of your Tinder date? No probs...

Get Rid Of Spots With This DIY Grapeseed & Thyme Treatment

by Jenny Brownlees |
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Spots - what a nightmare. They always pop up the day of your big interview/date/that meeting you want to nail. Whilst a good skincare routine will prevent breakouts, sometimes you need a lil something that will work quickly, because frankly who's got the Thyme? (Huge apologies, that will be the only Thyme joke, we promise).

This emergency spot buster uses three simple ingredients, Bicarbonate of soda, Grapeseed and Thyme Essential Oil. Yes, that herb that flavors your chicken can work wonders on unwanted pimples. Thyme oil has a high content of Thymol, which has been shown to help breakouts. The Grapeseed oil is skin-soothing whilst the soda (you may still have some in the back of your kitchen cupboard from that one cake you made after getting Bake Off fever last year) has spot zapping powers without the chemicals.

If you have dry skin, use this sparingly as Thyme and Bicarbonate Soda can be quite drying, but they’re certainly more natural and less harsh than the chemicals found in most anti-acne creams. (Sorry ladies, this one can’t be used if you’re pregnant)


You'll need:

    How to:


        To use:

          2.Use this sparingly so the paste only covers the small spot area, not on the entire face.

          3.Leave the paste on for two minutes, you may feel a slight tingle or coolness.

            Whilst we sincerely hope this solves your zit-mare, it’s not a good idea to use this cream constantly, think of it as an emergency spot buster only! If the breakout hasn’t improved after a month stop use and give the skin a rest. Also always visit your GP if you’re suffering from prolonged acne - they can help!

            Again, do not use if pregnant.

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