Deskside Beauty Hacks: The Party-Starter Eye Look You Can Do In Front Of Your Computer Screen

Because who has time to go home and do your make up when there's fun times to be had...


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Going out tonight after work? But don't have time to go home and get changed? (Wastes, good old fashioned fun time anyway, right...) Well here's a beauty hack to help: a strong party eye look you can do at your desk without feeling like a dick.

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All you need is:

A black liquid eye liner

Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner in POW!

Cotton buds or a thin make-up brush

MAC Pro Glitter in 3D Silver

Your favourite mascara

And then you're ready to follow make-up artist Lucy Pearson's stress free, super easy (and fun - it even involves glitter) party starter eye look. (TIP - we recommend you do this look before putting on your foundation/concealer/bronzer/etc.)

Step One:

Go in with a clean sweep of bold black eye liner on your top lid. If you’ve not mastered the cat eye flick yet then we suggest you take a moment to reflect upon your morals and life decisions, then pick up the liner and just take it slow. Start by creating a small flick and add on thickness along your upper lash line.

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Step Two:

Ain't no party like a glitter party, guys. Take your Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner in ‘POW!’ and slick it under your bottom lash line and up beneath your black flick. Glitter round the eyes makes them look sparkly and beguiling, when in fact by the end of the night they'll be blood shot and tired.

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Step Three:

Before the liner has dried quickly get your cotton bud or make-up brush and gently press some PAC Pro Glitter in 3D Silver onto the line you've made. Don't get too trigger happy with this one - it tends to stick together in clumps, and the last ting you need is glitter actually in your eye.

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**Step Four: **

Finish the look off with another coat of the black liner to make sure it pops, then whack on some of your favourite black mascara to cover any wandering flecks of glitter.

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Go forth and party. Just remmeber to thoroughly baby wipe your face before bedtime.

Video: Andy White

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