Deskside Beauty Hacks: How To Get Your Face Looking Fresh When You’ve Spent The Day In An Office

For when the combination of air-con and starring at a computer screen has made you age 10 years.


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Fellow office-based readers will be well acquainted with the perils that working in a building where the air smells of eau de left overs and the windows never seem to open brings. We’re talking dry skin, blood-shot computer screen eyes and those flecks of mascara that’ve been crumbling from your lashes on to your cheeks since midday. And that’s without a hangover.

Somewhere out there, our dream working environment exists – one that’s south-facing and minimal, with half a dozen pots of those spiky green indoor trees and soft lighting. Until we find it, make-up artist Lucy Pearson shows us her how-to guide on saving your dull, tired skin after a long to-do list induced day.

You’ll need:

Step one: Nip to the loos and soak your sponge in cold water, ring it out and dab it over your face. This’ll give you the most refreshing feeling, rivalled only by those times you used to stick your head out the car as a kid when your mum drove you home from school. Bliss. Take a tissue and pat your skin dry.

Step two: Spritz your face with your toning spray, being sure to close your eyes and mouth (YES, we’re speaking from experience). Don’t hold it too close to your face as you want the spray to lightly coat your skin. Get another clean tissue and blot any excess.

Step three: Apply your base – we love Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation. Flat brushes pick up a lot of product and can make your skin look matte and cakey, so use a domed powder brush instead. This’ll allow a more subtle application, keeping your skin dewy and youthful looking. Remember: you’re after a fresh look, so don’t go OTT.

Step four: Highlighter will fake a glow, so be sure to think about where you’re putting it. You want to shine in all the right places, and those places are not your chin or forehead. We’ve mixed MAC Vanilla Pigment with Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream so your skin will get the moisture it’s craving – EA products are expensive but they last ages, so it’s well worth the investment. Lightly pat the mixture over your cheekbones and underneath your brows. Blusher sisters – now’s the time to go in and add your favourite rouge.

All that’s left is to flick your head forward and use your fingertips to boost your flat roots, apply any necessary deodorants – strongly advised – and flee to your evening plans.*

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