Deskside Beauty Hacks: The Subtle Eye Shadow You Can Do Without Scuttling Off To The Work Loo

Because who wants to leave their desk to get ready?


by Helena Hamilton |
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Whether you're going on a first date or going out with girlfriends tonight, you’ve probably spent all day really concentrating on work on emailing your mates plans/predictions. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be allowed to admit to your colleagues that you have a life come 6pm – by pulling out your make-up and refreshing yourself at your desk. Because who really wants to struggle with the work loos at that time of day?

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Still, you need an eye-make-up look that’s easy to apply, subtle and which will leave you looking so casual-sexy you’ll feel a million miles away from the stressed office worker you were five minutes ago.

Step forward top make-up artist Lucy Pearson with this, the most simple of eye looks.

Here’s what you’ll need:

[! photo Look-2---1c_zps9345f1d5.gif](

MAC paint pot in Groundwork

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Bronze

MAC pencils in Teddy and Smoulder

MAC Pigment Shadow in Vanilla

A medium buffing eye make-up brush

And some cotton buds

Step One:

[! photo Look-2---2_zps2965cc3f.gif](

Take your brush and cover your eyelid in the MAC Groundwork all the way up to the socket. If you don’t have a medium buffing brush, you can use your finger, just be careful not to use too much. Start with a small amount and add more if you need to even out your eyes.

Step Two:

[! photo Look-2---3_zpsc8ba3506.gif](

Using the same brush/finger, dab the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Bronze over the ball of your eyelid – this’ll make it pop. The Colour Tattoo pots are creamy products, which means it’s easier to work with them than loose powder which scatters everywhere. Using these subtle colours instead of harsh blacks and greys will soften your eyes, plus it’s cooler than a bold eye.

Step Three:

[! photo Look-2---4_zps6033c034.gif](

Using the MAC pencil in Teddy mark out a ‘V’ on the outter top of your eyelid. Take a brush and blend it in, so the colour on the outter part of your lid gradually gets darker. If you like to use black liner along your bottom lashes then add some now – this is optional, so don’t go giving yourself a bloodshot eye if you’ve got tearduct/eyeliner fear.

Step Four:

[! photo Look-2---5_zps83db3f32.gif](

To finish, just pat some of MAC Pigment in Vanilla over your lid to set the look. If you get greasy eyelids and are now relieved to find it’s genuinely a thing lots of us deal with, you can add a tiny bit of translucent powder to guarantee the products have set. Add some black mascara and you’re away.

Good luck and godspeed, first dater.

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