We Have So Many Questions About Damian Hurley’s Haircare Routine

Petitioning for Damian Hurley to become the next face of L'Oreal...

Damian Hurley

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Did you realise your hair inspiration was a 17-year-old boy? Neither did I: until today. Pat Mcgrath has launched her first foundation, which in itself is truly brilliant news. But the campaign the brand is running to promote it has unleashed something else we just didn't see coming: our obsession with Damian Hurley's mane.

The campaign video (which also features Violet Chachki, Zheng Zhang, Shanelle Nyasiase, Blesnya Mihner and Primrose Archer) was shot by photographer Steven Meisel and marks the modelling debut for Liz Hurley's son - who was chosen as one of the faces to showcase the brand's new Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection System.

Speaking about the campaign, Damian said that working with his fellow cast 'has been simply magical and made this set so fun and easy – being surrounded by a luminary line up of divine beauties who are McGrath Muses.'

While his skin is dewier than a spring morning, what has us mesmerized is his frankly illustrious head of 80's-style hair. Volume-blowdried to perfection, it's what Pinterest boards were surely made for. I can't stop staring.

So how can you achieve this look for yourself? (After all, the weekend is here and we couldn't think of a better time to road test...)

I asked Jack Fitzpatrick, Windle London Stylist for tips...

Step 1: Prep For Volume

'To create this 60s vibe, the key is volume and good use of plumping products. On one day old hair (for more grit, freshly washed not ideal), section hair and layer in the Windle London Fortifying Spray (£19). This will give body and root lift to all hair types as well as protection against heat.

Blow dry starting from front of head with a round brush using a nozzle on the dryer to direct air flow and lift hair straight up from root and wrap around brush until dry.'

Step 2: Pin Up And Set

'Section by section, wrap hair around fingers and pin in at root. Use the Windle London Light Satin Hairspray (£21) and leave to set for 5 minutes with the pins in. This spray will give an invisible hold as well as resist against humidity. Depending on hair texture, you may then want to reinforce the blow dry with tongs and then repeat the pinning in step. Dress out the waves with a large soft brush and brush through to avoid any separations of the hair.'

Step 3: Finish

'Spray Windle London’s Matte Texture Spray (£23) underneath and into the roots for instant texture and volume. This will bring any flat hair to life and contains spirulina to help lock in moisture.

Seal the deal with the Windle London Cream Sheen (£22). Rub a small amount into the palm of your hands and work it through the mid lengths to ends of hair. This will bind the ends, fight frizz and stop fly always as well as giving a healthy shine to the hair.'


Damian Hurley Hair - Grazia

Damian Hurley Hair - Grazia1 of 4

Windle Fortifying Spray (£19)

Windle Fortifying Spray (£19)

Damian Hurley Hair - Grazia2 of 4

Windle Light Satin Hairspray (£21)

Windle Light Satin Hairspray (£21)

Damian Hurley Hair - Grazia3 of 4

Windle Matte Texture Spray

Windle Matte Texture Spray (£23)

Damian Hurley Hair - Grazia4 of 4

Windle Cream Sheen (£22)

Windle Cream Sheen (£22)

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