How To Do Cool Nail Art Using Shit You Already Have Lying Around The House

Let your inner Macguyver loose and get creative on things you didn’t even know were made for nail art


by Angela Hui |
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Who needs them fiddly nail art stripers when you’ve got mountains of sellotape left from Christmas to create them killer straight lines? We don’t. Damn straight you want some pretty nails, and you probably want them now. Right? Well you’re in luck because nail blogger, Naillion has come up with some fuss-free tricks of the trade using knick-knacks that are probably collecting dust somewhere. You already had access to some cool-ass looking nails you just didn’t know it yet.

Sellotape nails

Before you start you will need:

Base coat

Top coat

Light blue nail polish



Here’s how you do it:

Step One: Give your nails a quick file to neaten them up, and then apply a base coat to protect the nails and to prevent staining. – try Grow Stronger by Essie, £8.99.


Step Two: Once this has dried, take some sellotape and cut small thin strips and use the corners of the sellotape as stencils and stick them firmly onto your nails. If you don’t have any lying around you can get tape from most stationary shops or try this tape dispenser from Amazon.


Step Three: Once happy with your sellotape positioning, apply a pale blue shade. We’ve gone for two coats of Topshop’s Celestial, £5. Remember that paler shades tend to need more than one coat to get a good colour.


Step Four: Now here comes the fun part! (Admit it we all love peeling things) While the polish is still wet carefully peel off the sellotape to leave you with a perfect negative design that’s so edgy it’ll cut glass.


Step Five: This step is optional, but you can go back with more sellotape and repeat the process to fill in more of the naked nail.


Step Six: Finish off with a fast-drying topcoat to seal and protect your design like Seche Vite Dry fast top coat, £9.

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