A Comprehensive Guide To The Celebrity Man Bun – From Jared Leto To David Beckham

A Comprehensive Guide To The Celebrity Man Bun - From Jared Leto To David Beckham


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There was once a time when the only star man to sport an up-do was David Seaman and his shiny, shiny ponytail, but that time is now LONG gone. Blame/thank the hard work of pioneers like David Beckham and Orlando Bloom, but man buns are now a 'thing'.

From chic chignons on the red carpet to messy top knots on the beach, the boys are getting experimental with hair. Harry Styles, Jared Leto, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt have all tried the look.

And it's not just the famous guys - blog F*** Yeah Men With Buns regularly shares pictures of up-and-coming models and street-style-snapped lads who've tied up their tresses into a stylish 'do.

Here's a comprehensive guide to the different types of man bun.

1. The netball match tuck

Rex Features
Rex Features

Jared Leto, what a boundary breaker! He stepped out on the Golden Globes' red carpet looking super hot - and sporting a hair style last seen worn by your high school's Year 9 netball team in 2004. Identifiable by it's folded over ponytail nature and tightness to the scalp, the traditional tuck can be turned upside down for an edgier take on the look.

2. The samurai

It appears ruffled and relaxed, but has the sheen of a fresh blow-dry. Plus - if you squint - you reckon you can make out a bobby pin. Usually found on the red carpet or in an Instagram picture captioned #iwokeuplikethis #nofilter. Case in point - Penn Badgley's super-groomed but also messy 'do for this Alexander Wang campaign video.

5. The actual effortless up-do

Rex Features

The go-to style for any long-haired man who needs to keep cool in warm weather/ who hasn't washed his hair in quite a while. Usually spotted in the gym, on the beach or on a star 'running errands' - keep an eye out for a telltale halo of frizz around the hairline.

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