Your Commute-Friendly Make-Up Bag

Because applying eyeliner on the bus is an essential life skill, right?


by Suzanne Scott |
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Sure, getting to work looking like you’ve at least made an effort to brush your hair/wash your face/put some blusher on is important. But so are those 20 extra minutes that you snoozed in bed this morning. (Snooze buttons we tell you. Evil. But so good.) Which means learning to do your make-up on the bus is one of life’s greatest lessons.

Here’s how:

**1. Don’t expect flawless foundation… **

And you can rule out primers, buffing brushes and beauty blenders too. (But then again, you probably still aren’t sure what they are, right? Right? said pleadingly.) The trick here is to turn to a BB cream, which you can apply with your fingertips and build up coverage slowly.

Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-in-One BB, £7.49, Garnier, is a great all rounder - it effortlessly evens out your skin tone and lasts ages; Essentials Glow Perfectors BB Cream, £6.66, Olay, is packed full of vitamins and SPF15 (bonus!); and Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream, £23.50, Kiehl's, gives a slightly fuller coverage and comes in an SPF50, which can only be a good thing.

Beauty tip alert! If you fancy an extra dewy luminous finish to your skin mix a little Strobe Cream, £23.50, MAC, in with your BB first.

**2. Banish brushes… **

They’ll just get make-up all over the lining of your handbag, anyway. Instead think sheer and creamy textures you can apply with fingers. Le Blush Creme de Chanel, £27, Chanel, is one of the best cream blushers going. We like the 65 Affinite shade best; a dusky rose that works with any skin tone. And apply a small amount and layer it up until you get the intensity you want – it’ll help it stay put all day.

**3. Remove as necessary… **

Seriously you will form a lasting relationship with Swab Plus’s Eye Makeup Remover & Corrector (£3.99 for 24). They’re handy cotton buds filled with make-up remover. And will change your life. And your commute.

**4. Don’t attempt eyelash curlers… **

Unless you're blessed with the hand-to-eye coordination of an athlete we don't suggest you go anywhere near your eyeballs with a lash curler while in a moving vehicle. Instead opt for a multi-tasking mascara that not only lengthens and volumises (and all that jazz) but at the same time imprints a curl into your lashes. High Impact Curling Mascara, £17, Clinique, is your guy.

**5. Ditto kohl eyeliners… **

Save yourself a whole lot of grief by sticking just with mascara. But if you fancy a touch more intensity run a small amount of dark brown shadow at the lash line; it's much easier to apply without impaling yourself.

**6. Lip stain’s the only way to go… **

Smeared lipstick all over your face is never great. Go for something that's easily applied with fingertips and is semi-opaque to allow margin for error. Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain, £7.99, Revlon, is just the thing. Speed-bump friendly – sorted!

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