Charlize Theron Wore Bling In Her Hair Parting At The SAG Awards And We’re Here For It, Here’s How It Was Done

Who knew that glitz could sit so prettily in a middle parting? Charlize Theron shows us how it's done

Charlize Theron SAG Awards Hair

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Can we please take a moment moment to appreciate the wonder that was Charlize Theron's glitzed up, diamond-adorned hair 'do at the 2020 SAG Awards? From a beauty journalist's perspective, you expect the big news-worthy beauty moments to arrive on the red carpet at the Golden Globes, the Oscars, the Grammy's (you get the gist) but Charlize proved the occasion was one to watch with her ‘parting bling’ debut.

Charlize Theron SAG Awards Hair

Charlize paired a slicked back, creamy blonde crop with visible (yes visible!) roots and a trail of bling through a very precise centre parting. The brains (and mega hairstylist) behind the look was go-to A-list favourite Adir Abergel, who counts Saoirse Ronan, Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway and Rooney Mara as recent clients.

Adir took to his Instagram stories (on @hairbyadir) to provide the viewing public with an entrancing insight into just how Charlize's red carpet hair look was created.

Charlize Theron hair
©Instagram @hairbyadir

Adir states that he 'always starts by prepping the hair with Virtue Healing Oil, £40,' a product packed with ethically sourced Alpha Keratin 60Ku, a protein that is able to bind to damaged parts of our hair and strengthen them.


Virtue Healing Oil

Virtue Healing OIl, £421 of 1

Virtue Healing OIl, £40

Next, he followed up with Virtue's Polish Un-Frizz Cream, £19, to really sleeken things up. A few flat hair grips and some delicate combing later and Charlize was ready for her bling. It's not super clear from Adir's coverage, so indulge our speculation here, but from the looks of things a fine plait was applied to Charlize's hair in the same way a hair extension might be, and laid carefully down the length of her middle parting.

Charlize Theron hair
©Instagram @hairbyadir

A strip of diamond-look crystals were then attached to the length of the plait and boom - parting bling was born.

The other thing to note about this look is this. If you were Charlize, and knew that you were likely to have an attention-grabbing accessory applied to your parting, you might be conscious of your root regrowth and book in a touch-up ASAP. But it seems an inch or so of dark roots were part of what made this hair look so unique. They were visible, there or all to see, loud and proud.

Gwyneth Paltrow Golden Globes Hair

Gwyneth Paltrow similarly hit up the Golden Globes with noticeably grey roots to great applause. Is the rejection of root maintenance something we're set to see a lot more this red carpet season? Keep your next colour appointment pending and stay tuned for more.

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