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The Cannes Hairstyle That Will Take You 30 Seconds To Copy

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In this busy, busy world where time is money, finding a hairstyle that takes mere seconds is like hitting the jackpot. Not only does it work on curly, fine, thick, straight or wavy hair but it’s been given the Cannes red carpet seal of approval.

With numerous hairdressers on hand and a slew of products to chose from the stars of Cannes have collectively decided that the centre parting is the coolest style of the season. Sure, it’s slimming on the face and has a clean ‘90s appeal (think Kate Moss in that 1992 Calvin Kein advert), but its speed and ease is undoubtedly its biggest draw.

© Shutterstock

What makes it modern? Its versatility. While Penelope Cruz let her hair fall loose to her shoulders, Chloe Sevigny tucked hers behind her ears and Bella Hadid swept hers into a chignon, the appeal of this style was always front and centre. While it's been resurrected from the 1990s the poker straight (over-heated) hairstyle that use to accompany this parting has been laid to rest. This time, around, it's about clean, glossy, healthy hair.

This doesn’t require long locks or even much effort and if it’s not supermodel straight, just tell yourself that a little asymmetry never hurt anyone. Use a comb with a parting pin and a slick of argan oil to achieve this Cannes-level of glamour.

With wedding season fast-approaching having a manageable hairstyle like this in your locker is a valuable commodity.