What Are CC Creams? And Which Should I Buy?

That stands for colour corrector, not carbon copy, Just FYI...

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For most of my adult life, I thought there was just one thing you put on your face skin to make it look like nicer face skin: foundation. Turns out, for most of my adult life, I've been a moron. There's BB cream, which I've already explored, and now CC cream which stands for colour correcting.

I thought that all foundation was supposed to be colour correcting but it's actually pretty different: CC creams are supposed to hydrate more than foundation and get rid of red spots, whereas foundation is meant to even out the skin tone in a more general way. I tried out the best CC creams on the high street to find out which actually do hydrate and get rid of red spots - because my face is really pale and covered in red blotches.

A perfect canvas. And a perfect tester before you go out and spend that hard earned cash on something that is a bit like foundation but not. As an aside, CC creams are supposed to anti-age you, but I think we can all agree that anti-aging isn't really a thing when it comes to makeup, right? Putting something on your face isn't going to make you magically look 12.

Anyway, here we go.

[Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful CC Cream


Price: £14

Ugh the name. But apart from the name, this was really watery despite how much I shook it, and oozed out of the admittedly very flash and cool bottle like orangey water. And it didn't really cover any of my redness, nor did it make me look any better. This could be because I like a fair bit of coverage when it comes to makeup. I should also point out that, annoyingly, this didn't give me the face of a newborn baby and I still looked the same age after use. Astonishing, right.

Would I use it again: Sorry, no. I love Soap & Glory for many things (Eyeliner! Mascara! Shower gel and body butter!) but not for CC creams.

Clinique Moisture Surge

Price: £28

I'd still use moisturizer with this, because I have dry skin that - in an office environment - turns into Godzilla-like scales, but this was like a lovely, lighter foundation. It got rid of all my redness, and I stole it after filming the vines which is a good sign. I don't really see the difference between it and a light foundation except the feeling, which was a bit more airy and moisturizer-esque. Still, main thing is that I nicked it and that means that if you're looking for a CC cream and have £28 to spare, then go for it.

Would I use it again: Yes, although it's a bit pricey


Price: £9.99

Cheap and cheerful - this is the budget version of the Clinique (above), and if you can't afford to drop nearly £30 on a CC cream then go with this one because it's lovely. Smells like holidays, feels like a holiday on your face and acts like a light foundation with really good coverage. Nice one Bourjois will you be my boyfriend.

Would I use it again: I also stole this one, so yes. Can I clarify that it isn't technically stealing, I am sent them to try and keep the ones I like. The rest go into a furnace. Can I also clarify that they don't go into a furnace, they go into a beauty cupboard. Great, ok.

L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream

Price: £9.99

What in the name of all that is sacred is going on here. They come in one colour, which is apparently 'Orange Carrot Splash' and when you rub it in it just gets more orange. This is the first product in two years of doing vines that actually frightened me and I went around the office showing everyone how stupid I looked. L'Oreal are excellent at foundations, so I'd advise checking out the towering force that is Infallible. And not buying the CC Cream unless you want a good laugh.

Would I use this again: In opposite land

Bobbi Brown

Price: £29

This is another confuser, and something that most people would put on and panic because it appears like it's just for grown-up makeup wizards. Mainly because it comes out lilac. And then nothing is covered, or happens. Thing is, when you put foundation over it, this works really nicely - but that's not what you're supposed to do. You're supposed to wear it nude and proud. For this, Bobbi Brown, I'm going to say I like this but I just don't understand it. Sorry.

Would I use this again: Sadly not, but I do love Bobbi Brown.

Summary: Clinique and Bourjois all the way to town. And then back again. And then back to town again. Exhausting but worth it, because these are both really, really great CC creams.

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