Is The Cat-Eye Flick Your Go To? Here’s Five Eyeliner Looks To Also Try

Don't panic, we've got your back with these five awesome alternatives...Illustrations by Marina Esmeraldo


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Anyone else worn the cat-eye flick like every single day and night. Forever. Yep, me too. But now I’ve got five other ways to line your lids and they’re just as awesome as old faithful, the flick. Probably cooler, in fact and even better is that the chance of you being spotted in the same make-up look as your one of mates is slim.

The Under Eye Swoosh


When I saw this look at the Just Cavalli show I felt uncomfortable because it seems like drawing a line beneath the eye would close it up. But I was wrong (I sometimes am) the shape of the line hugs the eye, framing its shape. MAC Senior Artist Pablo Rodriguez suggests using a two-step approach to get the full effect first by using a pencil like the MAC Kohl Power Pencil in Feline, £14 and then going over it with a gel or liquid liner to make it thicker and sharper. If you fancy a more rock-come-boho vibe, try blending some dark eyeshadow beneath the eye. Beware if you go too far with it, you run the risk of looking like you haven't slept for 31 days.

The Jumbo Thick Flick


Think of this as a cat-eye on steroids. Soap & Glory’s Supercat Fat Jumbo Carbon Black Ink Eyeliner, £8 is perfect for this style because of the extra thick nib means you can create the winged shape and then fill in wider outline. This is for nights when your standard wing just isn’t going to cut it. Big and bold, there’s nothing subtle about this one. And Nina Leykind, the brand founder of Eyeko, suggests enhancing the brows too to balance out the strong eyeliner style.

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The In The Crease Line


This has got a strong sixties vibe, because of the delicate line which fits in outer edges of the socket. To get the look ‘Use a crayon like the Eyeko's Me & My Shadow in Chocolate, £15 rather than a liquid to create the line. Dot along the bone just above the crease of the eye and subtly blend it.' Nina explains. ‘This means there are no harsh edges and it’s a surprisingly wearable everyday look.' If you wanted to go all out, you could even do double liner by drawing a classic winged liner along the upper lash line and then drawing on a second one in the socket of the eye, à la Twiggy.

The Blunt Stubby One


This is actually a really cool alternative to a flick and, and it’s actually mega easy compared to creating a symmetrical, delicate look. The main thing here is to make sure the eyeliner colour is very black. Pablo explained how to achieve this: ‘Start with a medium thick application across the top lash line and keep on adding layers until it gets bold enough.’ For this use a gel liner and brush because it’s easier to build up the colour intensity, something like MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack, £15.50. The blunt edges? ‘Before it is completely dry, dip a small cotton bud in eye makeup remover, and shave off the ends.’

The Dotty Blot


Alright, isn’t a ‘line’ as such, but it’s dotted line-ER? I love this simple style and it's the easiest eyeliner in the world to do. As make-up artists Lucy Joan Pearson says, 'The rule here is definitiely that there are no rules.' The dot draws the eye down so they appear wider and rounder which makes this one for the morning of a hangover; anything to stop your eyes looking like bloodshot pinpricks. You could even do double dots for extra effect. Pair it with lashings of mascara or a pastel-coloured eyeshadow like at the Rochas show, for extra-clumpy doll eyes.

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Illustration: Marina Esmeraldo

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