5 Fancy Shmancy Shower Gels Under £5 To Make You Feel Sprightly In The Morning

They will make getting up early suck less, we promise

5 Fancy Shmancy Shower Gel’s Under £5 To Make You Feel Sprightly In The Morning

by Lucy Morris |
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I live in a flat in London, which essentially means I live in a shoebox. Everything about it (except for the rent) is small. Knowingly, I forsook the luxury of a Pinterest bathroom complete with Olympic-sized tub for location, which means I don’t have a bath, instead I have a mere shower. Sure, I’d like to unwind on a Sunday night with a soak in a bubble-filled bath, but what I lack in self-care space I can make up for in maximizing my morning. Studies show that a jolt of water (preferably cold) in the morning can make you more productive throughout the day. That said, adding an enlivening body wash to your routine will nourish your skin, leaving you squeaky clean as well as ready for your day ahead.


Debrief Fancy Shower Gels

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Korres, Japanese Rose Shower Gel, £3

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PHB Ethical Beauty - Sugar Scrubs: Lavender & Ylang Ylang, £4.95

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Nivea, Shower Silk Mouse Lemon Meringue, £2.99

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Pears, Shower Gel, £1.99

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The Body Shop, Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel, £5

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