6 Ways To Wear Blue Eyeshadow IRL Without Looking Like You Fell Out Of 2002

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Ways To Wear Blue Eyeshadow IRL Without Looking Like You Fell Out Of 2002

by Lucy Morris |
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A streak of electric blue eyeshadow can turn back the clock quicker than you can say, Millennium Dome. Along with poker-straight hair and lashings of lip gloss, turquoise eyeshadow will always remind me of the Noughties. Though the fashion tide has turned and that early 2000s aesthetic is back in favour, it’s taken a little longer for the beauty world to get up to speed. Instead, blue eyeshadow has languished next to crimping and above beauty spots on more ‘most embarrassing’ make-up trend lists than I care to remember. But, no more! Since 2014 the runways have been conspiring to make us think otherwise, and now two years later we’re finally getting it. Why? Because we’ve seen real girls do it and it looks gorgeous. It’s modern and exciting, and it doesn’t require much other make-up. So, retire that bold lip and wave goodbye to contouring as after looking at these six looks you’ll want to dive into the deep blue yonder STAT.

1. Baby Blues

TBH if Rihanna does it, I’m convinced this a trend that will stick. By accentuating her cheeks with bronzer and keeping her lips nude-hued her baby blues take centre stage. Noted.

2. Blu Cantrell

Let’s be honest, there’s no way of being subtle with blue eyeshadow so why fight a losing battle? The thick graphic sweeps of Milk Makeups eye paint calls for a strong brow, winged liner and heaps of mascara. Warning: don’t let your eyes get lost in this big blue sea of shadow!

3. Blue Sky Thinking

Throw out those preconceived notions about eyeliner as Sophia Tassew shows you how to turn it on its head. The cool precision of this upside down winged look is the definition of inspiring.

4. Glitter Bomb

Yeah, smokey eyes are glam, but have you thought about bringing the glitz with glitter? Now there are so many long-stay razzmatazz shadows on the market (thank you Huda Beauty and Bleach London makeup!) it’s easier than ever. Just make sure you define the eyes with a thick liner and curl back the lashes, so you don’t get lost in this jewel-toned ocean.

5. Blue Chip

When in doubt douse your eyes in a streak of a single bold, bright shade to get that modern make-up look.

6. Out Of The Blue

Chloe Mackey is proof that gaudy glossy eyeshadow is so much cooler than the #nomakeup look RN.

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