Blonde Ambition: How To Go Platinum Like Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss debuts her new platinum blonde hair

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Platinum blonde is an iconic look that never dates. From Marilyn Monroe and Debbie Harry to Michelle Williams and Jennifer Lawrence, an icy blond hue is bold and beautiful.

While in recent years bleached and silver toned hair has had a renaissance (think Taylor Swift and Kristen Stewart's switch ups), the original champion of platinum blonde was of course Marilyn Monroe.


Her platinum curls were a crucial part of her signature Hollywood starlet look, and Monroe's take on this bright blonde was all about the glamour.


Debbie Harry, aka Blondie, led the blonde brigade in the seventies and eighties with her grungy take on the peroxide shade. Fast forward to now, and modern muses such as Michelle Williams are embracing platinum.


As the trend for fresh new hair colours continues (purple and grey have also made a comeback), and our obsession with all things Scandi sees no signs of waning, platinum blonde has never felt cooler.


To keep it feeling modern, take your cue from the latest crop of bleach converts - from Kristen Stewart to Jennifer Lawrence - and leave your locks loose and textured. Tip: the less ‘done’ the better, and yes, a bit of root growth is kinda cool.

To find out more about how to achieve that perfect platinum shade, we sat down with Christel Lundqvist of STIL salon.

Can anyone go platinum blonde?

Platinum can suit a mixture of different skin tones and lengths of hair, however there are a few different techniques to use if the hair is very long as it can be hard on very long hair to go platinum.

What skin tone suits platinum blonde the best?

Platinum hues can vary from really cool to clean neutral, which can suit a variety of different complexions but as a general rule a cooler complexion will suit a cooler hue.

To find out which blonde will suit your skin tone, check out our handy guide.

How should you prepare the hair before dying it platinum blonde?

Condition is the main aspect to take into consideration when going blonde as it’s often a bigger process to take the hair lighter. Sometimes it’s worth investing in conditioning treatment before the service to strengthen the hair. Olaplex is a great option for any blondes - a restorative treatment that mends the structure of the hair.

What is the best technique for going platinum blonde?

There are many different techniques such as creative colouring techniques but the most fundamental approach is to use classic lightening technique from roots to ends.

Can you go platinum blonde at home?

I would always recommend to go to a professional hairdresser as they can offer advice on the correct procedure and aftercare. Going platinum can sometimes be hard on the hair so it’s important to use the best possible products and aftercare.

Will going platinum blonde damage my hair?

It shouldn’t if it is carried out in the correct way. Sometimes it’s best to do this in stages as hair can only take so much lightening at one time (this is particularly important if you have naturally dark hair). Doing little and often is a good solution for hair that’s already sensitive.

What do you recommend for maintaining healthy hair and keeping the bright white colour looking fresh?

I absolutely could not do my job withoutTIGI Catwalk Violet Fashionista shampoo and treatment as it keeps blonde hair looking fresh, cool and hydrated in-between salon appointments. Blonde hair also needs keratin, which is protein so sometimes it’s great to alternate with a keratin shampoo to strengthen blonde hair.

Are there any products you should avoid using?

It’s a good idea to be gentle with heat appliances such as hair straighteners as they tend to be very harsh on blonde hair. Heat dries out the cuticle and the cortex and if overused can sometimes lead to breakage. If you do choose to use heat applicances be sure to safeguard the hair with a heat protecting spray.

What is the best way to go darker again once you have platinum blonde hair?

If you want to go darker, you will have to have a colour correction service, which is available in salon. This is usually a 2 step process – firstly the hair follicle is filled and then the chosen target shade is applied for best results.

For plenty of platinum blonde inspiration, check out our favoutie bleach blonde looks in the gallery below.


platinum blonde hair - grazia

platinum blonde1 of 10

platinum blonde

J-Law's pale toned skin and blue eyes suit an ashy white blonde perfectly.

platinum blonde2 of 10

platinum blonde

An early adopted of platinum blonde, throughout Gwen's career her signature bleach blonde hair has complemented her quirky style perfectly.

platinum blonde3 of 10

platinum blonde

Taylor Swift gave herself an edgy makeover when she died her dark blonde hair a creamy hue in 2016.

platinum blonde4 of 10

platinum blonde

Girls actress Zosia Mamet is quite the colour chameleon and has dabbled with honey blonde, brunette and even grey. Our favourite however is her bleach blonde bob.

platinum blonde5 of 10

platinum blonde

Not naturally a blonde, K-Stew switched up her look when she bleached her hair in early 2016. The grungey take on platinum with grown-out roots was a step away from her classic brunette locks.

platinum blonde6 of 10

platinum blonde

While Michelle Williams is a natural blonde, in recent years she has opted for a icy white shade cut into a flattering pixie crop.

platinum blonde7 of 10

platinum blonde

Margot Robbie has tried out a number of blonde hues but our favourite is the ashy take on platinum which suits her skintone flawlessly.

platinum blonde8 of 10

platinum blonde

No ode to platinum hair can be complete without a mention of Blondie's iconic mane. Debbie Harry's bleached bob is as integral to her look as her smudgy kohl and bright lipstick.

angelina9 of 10


Angelina Jolie died her hair platinum blonde for her role in Life or Something and pulled it off with aplomb.

marilyn10 of 10


The original and the best, Marilyn Monroe is the ultimate platinum blonde icon.

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