The Biggest Hair Trends To Know For 2024

From killer cuts to the coolest colours, here's everything you need to know.


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_Is your colour maple blonde enough? Have you tried hair ‘Botox’? Is your style cutting it? Here’s how to have a good hair day every da_y...

Killer Cuts

From micro-fringes to maxi-manes, the new style rules say anything goes – as long as it’s extreme...

Great Lengths

‘Healthy hair is sexy again,’ says thehairstylist and trend forecaster Tom Smith, who points out that ‘length and thickness is a clear sign of vitality’. Bum- skimming locks say, ‘I’m healthy and I’m wealthy,’ a nod to quiet luxury. Yes, you could do an Emma Stone in Poor Things and cheat your way to a fuller mane with extensions and hair pieces – no judgement here. But, for the real thing, a 360 approach is required. ‘A healthy body will grow healthy hair,’ explains Smith, who is raving about the super-ingredient Keranat, found in the Feel Hair Loss Support supplements, £56 for 30, which works to increase growth factors in the scalp.

Gigi Hadid ©Getty

Fringe Benefits

Lego Man is this year’s unlikely hair inspiration. Forget whimsical waves and take your cue from Zendaya’s blunt micro-fringe. Hard to pull off unless you have the face of the Euphoria star, Smith suggests taking a softer approach to the angular fringe. Ask your stylist for a sharp, face-framing cut, breaking at the brow bone. ‘This will accentuate your eyes and cheekbones.’ Particularly flattering if you have a long, oval or heart-shaped face.

Zendaya at Paris Fashion Week ©Getty

Off-Kilter Partings

The humble parting is stuck in the middle no more. Deep side-swept hair has been spotted all over the red carpet. Case in point? Selena Gomez’s asymmetric Hollywood waves at the Emmys. To find the most flattering off-centre part for you, use your eye as a guide. ‘Line up your parting with either the inner corner, pupil or outer corner,’ advises Smith, ‘you’ll soon see which one works best.’

Other ways to tap into the asymmetrical trend? Try letting a single strand fall freely over one side of your face. Or, make like Dua Lipa at the Golden Globes and throw hair nonchalantly over one shoulder. Crooked chic.

Selena Gomez at the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards ©getty

Big Hair, Do Care

The ’do is back, people! And it’s bigger than ever. Need proof ? Miley Cyrus could have hidden a small dog in her bouffant at the Grammys. Over on the runways, models at the Marc Jacobs A/W ’24 show did a grand job balancing backcombed wigs of dizzying proportions; ’70s disco and then some.

Party Prep

A clean canvas is the key to creating gravity- defying hair. ‘Light, weightless and without residue,’ is the goal, says Smith, who advises washing hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove minerals and excess product. Try: Living Proof Clarifying Detox Shampoo, £31

Miley Cyrus at the 66th GRAMMY Awards ©Getty

Pump Up The Volume

Ditch the heat tools and embrace old-school styling methods. Celebrity hairstylist Sam McKnight, who counts Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell as clients, is a fan of a velcro roller. The trick is to put them in
as hair is cooling down, so it holds its volume. ‘Add four to the crown of the head, spritz with a heavy duty texturising spray and leave in for as long as possible,’ says McKnight. See you on the dance floor, Miley! Try: Hair by Sam McKnight Easy Up-Do Texture Spray, £27

The Great Hair Glossover

Glass, liquid, glazed-donut... Call it what you want, but hair as reflective as a disco ball is having a moment. Type ‘hair gloss’ into TikTok and you’ll be greeted with 1.3bn videos. In the salon, ‘There’s been a clear movement towards this healthy-looking, high-shine look,’ says hairstylist to the stars (Pixie Lott, Gigi Hadid, Jared Leto) Larry King. ‘The idea is for hair to look soft and super-shiny.’

Happily, a raft of new at-home treatments promises to deliver mirror-like shine. Treat your hair as you would your skin, says Harriet Muldoon, senior colourist at Larry King. ‘Just like a skincare routine, layering your products will give you the best glossy results!’ Shine on.

Lamellar, or ‘thin layers’, is the 50-years-in- the-making technology at play. Every strand is coated in a special layered structure that smooths hair and reflects light.

This range doesn’t just coat the hair with shine, but helps return the hair’s pH to a healthier state.

Glycolic acid, the exfoliating skincare ingredient, has been enlisted for its small molecular size, which can penetrate hair for sleek strands that swish.

2024 Colour Cheat

Top colourists predict the hair hues you’ll be asking for on your next trip to the salon...

Vintage Brunette

Meet the sophisticated, more expensive-looking sister of Gen Z fave brunette copper. ‘The rich, woody colour is accessible to most brunettes,’ says Bryony Cairns, hair colourist at The Hair Bros. ‘It’s great for those who want to dip their toe into the coppery-red trend but aren’t ready to take the full plunge.’ The perfect ratio? Two parts brunette to one part copper. Ask your stylist for a coloured gloss over permanent colour to try before you buy.

Maple Blonde

‘Blondes want in on the richness of the redhead trend,’ says Smith of the true gold tone currently seen on Jennifer Lawrence. ‘The lighter the hair is to start with, the better. It gives a real clarity to the gold.’ Muldoon uses a technique called naturalising on her clients. ‘Subtle fine weaves scattered where the light touches, followed by layered glosses in a combination of cool and warm to match my client’s skin tone.’

Rihanna and Jamie Lee Curtis ©Getty


‘Wet balayage creates softer, more diffused highlights or lowlights compared to traditional dry techniques,’ explains Cairns. The 30-minute service, done at the backwash, ‘allows for more subtle and blended colour transitions, adding a natural sun-kissed effect’.

Bold Greydient

‘This is about honouring natural grey hair,’ says Smith, ‘except it’s not necessarily all natural, instead it’s enhanced and made bolder.’ The trick is to go lighter, not darker. ‘Adding platinum or the palest silver highlights will brighten the grey.’ Feeling bold? A grey money piece (lighter and brighter hair framing the face) is très chic.

At-Home Colour Kits To Try At Home

Hi-tech formulas mean DIY colour is better than ever...

Best for brittle hair: ‘Metal ions, found in water, impact colour results and cause hair damage,’ says celebrity hairdresser Chad Maxwell. Happily, then, the Clairol Colour Studio Range, £9.99, contains metal purifier, which helps to neutralise the metals in water. The result? Vibrant, long-lasting colour

Best for covering greys: Revlon ColorStay Longwear Cream Colour, £5.50, is a two-part system that involves a pigment- rich hair mask applied four weeks after colouring hair. Expect a refreshed, brighter hue with none of the faff of a touch-up.

Best for blondes: Schwarzkopf Oleo Intense, £8, is extending its ammonia-free blonde offering with shades Bright Blonde and Espresso Blonde. Did someone say Scandi chic?

See You At The Hair Spa

A facial? So passé! Hair wellness is booming, with searches for ‘hair and scalp spa’ rocketing by 400% on Google in the last year. Whether you’re suffering from a flaky scalp, dry lengths or a frizzy mop, a trip to the hair spa could be just what you need. Steaming has been common practice within the Afro hair community for generations but, this year, it’s set to become even more widespread.

‘It’s crucial for a healthy scalp,’ says Judy Koloko, founder of scalp care brand The Steam Bar. ‘Similar to facial steam treatments, scalp steaming helps to open pores and remove excess oil, dirt, dead skin cells and product residue.’ Fitting, then, that The Sanctuary is her new dedicated salon space in Selfridge’s, where clients can choose from a menu of personalised steaming treatments that promise to restore your scalp’s zing. Treatments start from £120.

Or, check into a hair hotel. The hair spa at luxury country house hotel Chewton Glen, in collaboration with scalp-first hair brand Monpure, offers targeted scalp treatments to address hair issues triggered by stress, ageing or hormones. The head massage is second to none.

Looking for something more zen? The HairLab at Lush in Brighton has turned the traditional salon experience into a mindful moment. Think mirrorless cuts, silent treatments and quiet hours with low- level music and lighting (£100 for a herbal head spa treatment). Perfect hairmony.

Frizz A Problem? Try Hair 'Botox'

Thought smoothing treatments were just for your face? Think again. Hair ‘Botox’ is the next generation of Brazilian blow- dries (remember those?), a rejuvenating treatment that promises to ‘repair hair damage, reduce frizz and restore shine and elasticity to strands, says hairdresser Ondine Cowley. A quick search on TikTok pulls up 77 million views for #HairBotox. Don’t panic, no injections are involved. The name comes from its smoothing properties. What’s the schtick?

A rich, hydrating formula of vitamins, proteins and hyaluronic acids is applied to hair and locked in with heat. Fans report hair that feels silkier, stronger and, crucially, less fluffy. Plus, you don’t have to wait three days to wash your hair as per the keratin treatments of yesteryear. Results typically last between three and six months. Prices start from £400 at Gielly Green London.

The Beauty Buzzword: Onion Masking

Yes, the humble cooking staple is coming for your hair. ‘Onions are known to boost hair growth and improve scalp health,’ says entrepreneur Akash Mehta. The allium has been used as a natural hair-boosting remedy in the ancient Indian healing system Ayurveda for centuries.

‘Onion extract nourishes the scalp, enhancing blood circulation and fostering stronger, healthier hair,’ explains Mehta. Not convinced? Cardi B revealed on Instagram that she boils onions and uses the water to wash her hair. And Bollywood actor Sonakshi Sinha swears by the stuff to strengthen her – frankly impressive – locks. *Adds onions to Ocado order*

Scented with jasmine, saffron and sandalwood, here onion juice is used to strengthen and hydrate. All of the benefits, none of the whiff or tears.

Get Techy With It

Your favourite hair tools have had an upgrade and this time around they’re kinder to you and your hair.

The OG straightening brand has introduced its most advanced styling tool to date. Breakthrough technology includes accurate heat monitoring, which minimises damage and boosts smoothness. Enjoy glossy waves, curls or poker straight strands in record time.

When Dyson entered the haircare space the world went bananas. As any entrepreneur knows, improvements can always be made. See the latest Dyson launch, a sci-fi looking hairdryer that aims to answer salon hairstylists’ problems: too heavy; tricky to manoeuvre; too slow. The result is a lightweight, super-fast, easy-to-angle machine that minimises heat damage. Bravo. (Available to hair professionals in the UK from 29 April and to consumers soon; around £450.)


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