Beyonce’s New Braids: Proof She’s Moved On From Family Feuds?

Beyonce's Braids: A Sign She's Moving On?


by Tor Cardona |
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Beyonce's new plaited hairstyle (@beyonce Instagram)

It's been a crazy few weeks for Beyoncé who found herself in the middle ofa feud between her husband Jay Z and sister Solange. But if her latest selfie is anything to go by, she's put the turbulent times behind her and is ready to start afresh.

The eternal trend-setter unveiled a new, super-long braided hairstyle on Instagram this weekend - interestingly at the very moment that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were saying 'I do' (yep, she skipped the lavish ceremony after all). The fuss-free hairstyle and lack of makeup suggests she's using the snap to make a statement.

Although the superstar is no stranger to mixing things up in the beauty department, this is the most interesting hairstyle we’ve been Queen Bey sporting for a while. However, in the midst of the family dilemma Bey’s recently been going through, we can only but think this new style is a cathartic change for Beyoncé. Is she ready to move on from the family feud?

Beyonce also tried out the waterfall plait style back in January 2014 (@beyonce)

The ‘Drunk In Love’ singer’s new, extra-long plaits reach well past her waist, and us beauty girls cannot even begin to think how long Bey was sat in the salon chair for- this is some serious plait handiwork! And while this is a fresh new style for the 32-year-old singer and mother to Blue Ivy, it’s not the first time Bey’s tried out a Rapunzel-esque, plaited look. Beyoncé sported the same super long style earlier this year ahead of her warm-weather anniversary holiday with Jay Z to Cuba.

Of course, sporting a new 'do to make a point is nothing new. Many stars either chop all their locks off or opt for a wacky dye colour in the face of a personal crisis, so hats off to Beyonce for opting for a new, plaited style. What’s more, sister Solange is frequently seen with her long dark hair weaved into plaits, so perhaps this is Bey’s way ofshowing some sisterly lovewhile she's at it. We hope so!

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