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10 Hot Products For Afro Hair


10 Hot Products For Afro Hair

Queen Bey shows us how it's done

Here at Grazia Daily, we’ve always loved curls. Big ones, small ones, tight ones, loose ones, ones that refuse to be tamed and those that bounce neatly – we’ll take the lot. However, having any kind of hair that’s not poker straight and naturally swoosh-ready can be a little trickier when it comes to maintenance. We know that constant salon visits and sampling every spray, spritz and oil going can be tiresome (and not to mention, a little tough on the bank balance), so we've rounded up the best products on the market for Afro hair for you.

To help us along the way, we asked Tippi Shorter, Aveda Global Creative Director for Textured Hair to break it down for us. “Hair from African decent tends to be the most coarse yet fragile type of hair due to its curls and coils. Natural oils aren't able to saturate strands as they would on straight or wavy hair, so Afro hair needs products which are especially designed to inject moisture into the hair,” she told us. “In my experience, it’s also worth steering clear of silicone-based products which can not only sit on the hair and weigh it down, but also be sticky and attract dirt. Silicones may smooth and add shine but they do not moisturise hair.”

When it comes to home-care, Charlotte Mensah, the current Afro Hairdresser of the year recommends moisturising hair daily. ‘I cannot stress how important this is for Afro and coarse hair which soaks up moisture like a sponge.” In addition, Charlotte recommends taking caution when it comes to blow drying too: “It’s essential to use heat protection and blow dry hair in small sections. Don’t overload the hair with product and use a fork attachment on your hair dryer and a paddle brush; this will be invaluable. Overuse of heat also tends to increase dehydration so air-drying or a roller set can be an amazing alternative and help keep your hair in the best possible condition.” Oh, and of course, Charlotte advised regular, 6-8 week trims and to keep shampooing to a minimum -“Shampooing strips natural oils, so this can actually exacerbate the problem further – if you exercise a lot, just rinse your hair with cold water rather than shampooing daily”.