The Best Blue Eye Makeup For When You’ve Got Blue Eyes

You know how everyone says that you can't wear blue eye makeup if you have blue eyes? That's a load of crap. As tested on some real eyes.

The Best Blue Eye Makeup For When You've Got Blue Eyes

by Stevie Martin |

Blue is a big thing. Firstly, it’s the colour of the sky and of children’s depictions of water when drawing with crayons. Secondly, it’s the colour of the season, especially when put around your eyes. So far, so blue.

Problem is, what the hell are you supposed to do if you’ve got blue eyes? I’ve grown up being told every day of my life that blue eyeshadow and blue eyes don’t mix (I have a really weird life), but it turns out this is a load of crap.

I raided everything blue I could find in the beauty cupboard and went to town on my eyes for the sake of the make-up world. Can somebody just give me an OBE immediately, please.


For: When you’re scared of wearing blue eyeshadow, or want to test the waters before going full Smurf (look, it’s an article about blue things, the law states you have to mention Smurfs at least once).

I used: BarryM kohl pencil in 19.

How to do it: Do your normal eyeliner and mascara, and just put a tiny line on the outside edge of the lower lash line. I’m seriously about the OBE, if anyone knows anyone who can sort it.

The next stage, once you’re comfortable with all the mass amounts of compliments you’ll get for that, is lining all around your eye with the blue. Around your black eyeliner. Only really works with winged black liquid liner (I use Collection, it’s £2.99 and the best) as the pencil will smudge.

The stage after that: covering your entire body in blue and calling yourself Blue while listening to popular 00s boyband Blue’s greatest hits.


For: When you want to go out with proper make-up on like a proper woman, and you want to wear blue, but you don’t fancy the catwalk approach. Which is ‘smear a line across your brow bone’. We’re not all models, OK. We’re all just girls trying to do our best and not freak out our friends.

I used: Benefit’s They’re Real Blue mascara) (it’s the best one), Kiko kohl liner and a Bourjois Little Round Pot in 17.

How to do it: First, do your blue mascara because it might be enough and you might decide to give up this whole blue thing and go work with children. Wait until it’s fully dried, and line your eyes how you’d normally do them with black kohl, but with dark blue kohl. Dark being the operative word here otherwise you’ll look like there are two watery, spidery blueberries dangling from your eyebrows.

Next, get some light blue eyeshadow and line the bottom lash line (a thick, blended line using a cotton bud or a pad) and the inner corner. Bonus points for getting some white eye pencil in that inner corner too. Hey presto, you have a blue eye.

Lazy Party

For: When you want to look impressive but not like you’ve tried very hard.

I used: Mac Chromographic pencil in Hi-Def Cyan which is by far my favourite blue pencil of any pencils in the land.

How to do it: Winged black eyeliner on the top, blue eyeliner on the bottom mate.

Full 90s

For: When you’re really in the mood to hark back to those days where you’d buy light blue and white eyeshadows down the market and walk around looking like a chavvy marshmallow. This time, though, give it a 2016 twist and don’t pair with very cheap, awful foundation.

Surely all this doesn’t just relate to just me and my early years, right? Please?

I used: Bourjois Little Round Pot in 17 %20)and Make Up Forever’s Aqua Liner

How to do it: Cover your lids in eyeshadow with a wet cotton bud/applicator to intensify the colour. Hate yourself for saying things like ‘intensify the colour’. Blend it underneath your lower lash line too. If all’s going well you should look like a little pink-eyed mouse alien.

Secondly, do a sweep of liquid black eye liner along the top of your lashes and finish with black mascara.

Alternatively, go for a royal blue liquid eyeliner to really blue up the whole blue thing. Simon from Blue would be proud.

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