Behind the Scenes At LUSH HQ: Ever Wondered How Those Bath Bombs Are Actually Made?

Take a sneaky peak behind the scenes at the best smelling factory around...

Behind the Scenes at LUSH HQ, ever wondered how those bath bombs are actually made?

by Natalia Bagniewska |
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Here’s a fun fact for you, a casual 14 million bath bombs are made on average per year at the Lush factories down in sunny Poole. 14 million guys… and that is the bombs alone, don’t forget about the soaps, shampoos, conditioners, body scrubs, lip balms, makeup… We were lucky enough to poke around in the huge (and beautifully scented) Lush factories and our brains and our nostrils were filled to the brim with facts and fragrances.

Bath Bombs

It takes 24 hours for a bath bomb to go from being a powder to a fully formed bombastic ball we know and love. There are also around 35 types of bath bombs at any given time, but the Intergalactic is an all time bestseller.


That green powder? The beginnings of avobath (avocado plus bath = instagram heaven no?) which contains dreamy ingredients like fresh avocado, bergamot, lemongrass and extra virgin olive oil.

All bath bomb powders are put into reusable moulds and need to be left in them over night to harden.

Did you know that that incredibly delicious and intense smell you get in Lush stores are ALL natural? The Inventing Team (best job titles ever) down in Poole mix up essential oils, and nothing else, to create those amazing fragrances.


Soap mixture (stuff like ylang ylang oil, kiwi fruit and coconut oil) is compounded in one of these machines and then once they’ve cooled down a bit you pour them into their moulds.

Bread, or more acurately Hovis, is a fixture in the face soap Movis (seen below).

100% of Lush products are vegetarian so we could technically eat them. Mnom.

We've got Sea Vegetable, Miranda, Bohemian...

Although these are reminiscent of Get Your Own Back post sludge chaos they are actually the Lush reusable soap moulds for Green Fun soap.

Yum. Parsely. And Porridge. Parsely porridge. Oats and parsely.

Oils and Massages

These guys are called Melting Marshmallow moments. 3-4,000 of these are made a day, again BY HAND. The two layers are put together by humanoids. They soothe and soften so that post bath you’re all oiled up and ready (to be massaged..?) and can even be used as a hair mask overnight mmmmmm.

Razzle Dazzle (a Debrief HQ favourite due mainly to that insane colour) is similar to the Marshmallow Moment. Each one of these sexy balls is hand rolled and contains a tonne (not literally) of coco butter so that it melts super fast.

The Peace bar is all round do gooder. Not only does it make you feel all zen and at peace but the cocoa butter comes from the Peace village in Colombia and the olive oil is from the Sindyanna Women’s Cooperative in Galilee. Not one of the bath but rub straight onto your body for silky smooth oiliness .

The rub rub rub body scrub is made with sakura flowers which are hand picked to ensure perfection and the flowers are preserved in salt to keep freshness.

Bubble Bars

All the fun bubble bars, they look more like cake pops than bubble bath to me....

This was probably the funnest machine in all the Lush Land, the bubble mix creator which sent Creative Editor Natal into a headgasm frenzy - it ensures all the bubbly products are the same size and squished to perfection.

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