Inside The Wonderfully Wacky World Of Beautycon LA

Two days, 100 brands and thousands of make-up obsessed fans. Beautycon LA is not for the fainthearted – but it is a heck of a lot of fun…

Inside The Wonderfully Wacky World Of Beautycon LA

by Jennifer Lynn |
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Entering Beautycon LA to the sound of The Pussycat Dolls blaring over the speakers, the first thing we saw at this weekend’s festival were giant palm-printed banners screaming, ‘YOU DON’T NEED LIPSTICK LIPSTICK NEEDS YOU’. Next, the sight of thousands of people (mostly teen and 20-something girls) roaming the halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center, swag bags bulging like they had just been on a particularly lucrative trick-or-treating expedition. Of course, in the place of sweets and monkey nuts, said bags were filled with more lip gloss, contour sticks and highlighters than you could ever imagine.

Yep, Beautycon LA is every make-up junkie’s dream, with over 100 brands selling their wares and dishing out freebies. Add to that a two-day programme of celebrity-led panel talks and discussions, plus some super Instagrammable backdrops, and it’s a pretty amazing (if surreal) place.

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Of course, the brands go big to make sure they get the most from the event, which – in some cases – means things get pretty out there. Whether it was the products themselves, the incentives to buy or the displays surrounding their stands, there were plenty of things at Beautycon that made our jaws drop. Here are the most memorable:

Melissa Cripe’s Blown Away Installation

Our favourite Insta-friendly spot at Beautycon LA was this epic frame by set designer Melissa Cripe. Yep, every hairdryer has a face, because why wouldn’t they?

Zodica Perfumery’s Star Sign Scents

Zodica Perfumery matches your zodiac sign to one of their 12 scents, each created to reflect the vibe of said sign. “I wanted each scent to evoke an emotion that’s associated with that sign’s personality,” creator Kristi Moe told us. “As an Aries, your vibe is energy; you’re the very first sign of the zodiac, you start the whole year and you symbolise the beginning of spring. Your scent is very invigorating because of that.” We can confirm that the amber, vanilla and blackberry-laced Aries perfume was both energising and smelled good enough to eat.

An Appearance By Swaggy Wolfdog

Owned by star Swagrman, Swaggy Wolfdog popped up on the pink carpet on Saturday, his signature magenta ears drawing much attention from the waiting photographers. He has 448k Instagram followers, just FYI.

Lime Crime’s Car Contest

Cult make-up fave Lime Crime weren’t just giving away lipsticks at Beautycon LA; they gave away a rose-stickered Fiat 500. We’re not surprised their stand was queued out all weekend (though that might also have had something to do with their recently-launched Mermaid Hi-Lite Palette, which is truly dreamy).

Tooth Kandy’s 00s Nostalgia


You loved them (or begged your parents for them) in the early 2000s and, if LA’s Tooth Kandy have anything to do with it, you’ll be decorating your smile with Swarovski crystal tooth gems all over again this year. Beats a vajazzle, no?

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