This Beauty Vlogger Tried Using Lube As A Primer

Huda Kattan also tested Vagisil and milk of magnesia...

This Beauty Vlogger Tried Using Lube As A Primer

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Huda Kattan is a fan of the weird and wonderful when it comes to beauty. Have a scroll through the beauty vlogger’s ‘Beauty DIY’playlist and you’ll find her mixing together a beer and banana hair mask or using glue to get rid of blackheads.

Now in her latest video Kattan looks for primer alternatives in the form of lube, milk of magnesia and vagisil. I know, not the kind of things you immediately think to slap on your face but stay with me here, the results are definitely interesting.

First thing’s first, lube! Kattan starts by applying a pea sized amount of KY Jelly to her left cheek. Kattan mentions that because of the addition of glyercin in its ingredients, lube has similar benefits to other silicon based primers. However, once she applies it and her make-up and starts to set, she notices how the lube starts flaking and rolling off ‘like dead skin’. This probably defeats the point of a primer so this one’s not a win.

Kattan then moves on to milk of magnesia, the stuff you take when you’ve got a dodgy stomach. She applies the solution to her T-zone noting how because of its dry consistency, it's ideal for oil control. However as a primer Kattan says she finds it feels too heavy and drying.

And finally, vagisil! The anti-itch cream contains silicone-based polymer dimethicone that Kattan says helps to condition your skin and it turns out this was her favourite of all the unconventional primers. Kattan said she liked how her make up sat on top of the cream and that it made her skin feel hydrated.

So next time your browsing the aisles of Superdrug, try swapping out your Smashbox for some Vagisil. Be warned though, if you do your makeup on your way into work you'll probably attract some very strange looks from your fellow commuters.

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