All The Beauty Resolutions We’ve Already Broken


All The Beauty Resolutions We’ve Already Broken

by Lucy Morris |
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New Year new you, they say. However, actually giving our beauty routines the revamp the experts recommend hasn’t happened.

It’s through no fault of our own, we’re just busy people with and other priorities (like the pull of more sleep and a measly bank balance), which get in our way. We started 2017 chipper with the prospect of devoting time to our skin, hair and body maintenance. So far, we’re a week in and we’ve already lost motivation and broken all these resolutions….

1. Not Washing Your Hair Every Day


We’ll say it’s because we’ve been working up a sweat on our January fit busting trips to the gym. However, it’s actually really difficult to have a good hair day when you’re convinced your hair secretes grease at an expediential rate.

2. Quit Touching Your Face

We’ll blame our current spate of spots on last night’s chocolate binge or work stress but we all know the real cause is at our fingertips. But, old habits die hard.

3. Bin Expired Products

This sounded like a smart idea until it meant throwing out our whole make-up bag and starting again. Do you think we’re made of money?

4. Actually Washing Your Brushes For Once

When you live a shared house without a dishwasher or a dryer, this is one chore too much.

5. Drink More Water

For the first few days this was easy, effortless even. However, once the NYE hangover wore off and the desperate need to rehydrate evaporated, carrying around a massive water bottle became a nuisance.

6. Not Using Microbeads

We know they are dreadful little plastic things that kill cute fish and we vow never to buy a product made with microbeads again, but a girl has got to exfoliate. And, there’s just an itty bitty bit left at the bottom of the bottle. It would be a crime to throw it away.

7. Give A Crap About Your Cuticles

When you’re relaxing at home over the Christmas break this doesn’t seem so hard. But, once you’re back at work and the stress kicks back in the concept of conditioning cuticles (rather than picking and peeling them) is too much of a taskmaster to keep up with.

8. Pop More Pills

It took one trip to Holland and Barrett for us to realise just how expensive vitamins are. So, when it was a choice between a glass of wine with a mate and a packet of Omega Fish Oil tablets you know which one we’d pick. Every. Single. Time.

9. Not Going To Sleep In Your Make-Up

All was going so well until last Saturday night…

10. Make a DIY Hair Mask Once A Week

What those Pinterest guides don’t tell you is about the mess a honey and avocado mask makes. After applying the gloop to our hair and staining all our clothes we had a pulpy avocado clump in our shower to clear up. Nice.

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