Barely-There Eyebrows Are Making A Comeback. This Is Almost Certainly A Terrible Idea

First things first, you need serious cheekbones to pull it off

Barely-There Eyebrows Are Making A Comeback. This Is Almost Certainly A Terrible Idea

by Alyss Bowen |
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According to Vogue, the ‘barely there brow’ is making a comeback. Marc Jacobs started it all with his gang of bleached browed models at his AW16 show, then other powerhouse designers like Givenchy followed suit, with Bella Hadid in tow.

Now, we’re not ruling this fashion trend out – for the catwalk it’s perfect. The ultimate dramatic ‘look at me’ beauty trend is making a statement with even more theatrical outfits. But seriously, is this really the look we want IRL?

It’s great if you’ve got cheekbones like the above-mentioned mega babe Bella, who could cut glass on those cheeks, great. If however – like us – your cheekbones have merged into your face because you still haven’t grasped the concept of contouring, just how does the invisible brow work? Will it make us look like they’ve just fallen out? Or if we accidentally left eyebrow wax on for too long and just had to go with it? We have so many questions for this new, but not really new, trend and the answers mostly lead to: not on board.

The below models and celebrities look great for Fashion Week and celeb life, but that’s just it, they look great for a life that involves parties and glamour and weird fashion trends. Not for popping to your local Tesco to stock up on bread and eggs for breakfast.

We’re not saying don’t bleach your brows. Hell if you want to bleach all the hair on your body, go wild. But we’re leaving this beauty trend for the pros, mainly because our cheekbones are still in hiding. Feel free to come out of hiding anytime soon, cheeks.

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