Apparently Nail Tattoos Are A Thing

Many consider nail tattoos super cute and they're actually surprisingly pain-free...

Fingernail Tattoos Are A Thing

by Annie Simon |
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If you’re a fan of nail art, but don’t have surgeon-steady hands or hours to spend experimenting with stick-on gems and nail art pens, then maybe you should consider a nail tattoo.

It sounds crazy, but yes, you can get your fingernails tattooed. Nail tattoos are officially a 'thing'.

In a world of nail piercings and succulent nails, why not? We’ve seen many a bizarre beauty trend come and go, and we’ve got to say, these nail tattoos are actually surprisingly cute.

Nail tattoos can be tiny and pretty, and if you love those delicate wrist or finger tattoos, then this nail tattoo trend could be right up your street.

So how does it work? A tattoo artist can ink the surface of your nail in the same way that they would tattoo your skin. (Do your research though and ensure you book in with a reputable, qualified tattoo artist who has lots of experience with nail tattoos).

We know what you’re thinking. Won’t that hurt like hell? Well, although it seems intense, the nail tattoo process is apparently 100% pain-free. All you should feel is a slight scratching sensation on the surface of your nail – weird, but not painful. So, if you’ve always wanted a tattoo but have a pain threshold that can’t tolerate a paper cut, then a nail tattoo could be your way in.

Crucially, these nail tattoos are not permanent. Because the designs are inked directly onto the surface of the nail, your tattoo will grow out with your nails. They’ll last a few months max.

If you get bored before then, you can always cover up your nail tattoo at any point by just slicking on a coat of coloured nail polish. (You’ll have to commit to clear if you really want to show of your tiny nail tattoo designs).

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