Alexa Chung’s Best-Ever Hair Moments: Tousled Waves, Blunt Bangs & Ombre Strands

Alexa Chung's Best-Ever Hair Looks: Tousled Waves, Blunt Bangs & Ombre Strands


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Want Alexa’s hair? That cut, that style, that colour? We do. A lot actually. We also want her beauty look, entire wardrobe, uber-long legs and super-chic lifestyle. Unfortunately this is, in reality, not going to happen, even if we do close our eyes and make a wish. But fear not, fellow Graziettes, as Alexa’s hair might just be something that is (vaguely) within your reach.

Whilst we weren’t all blessed with Alexa’s gorgeous almond-shaped eyes, we can certainly learn a few beauty lessons from the starlet’s incredible repertoire of hairstyles. Over the years, Miss Chung has always managed to look perfectly coiffed whilst still retaining that oh-so chic, laid-back look. What’s more, her trademark ‘undone’ do has become one of the most envied styles the nation over- we’ve been style-stalking Alexa for what seems like an age!


The beauty of Alexa’s hair is that it’s not too short and not too long- it’s a perfectly chic length which always manages to sit just right, whether she’s rocking a set of cool-girl bangs or a roughed-up head of beachy curls. On the subject of Miss Chung’s bangs, we frankly have yet to see a fringe we’re more obsessed with. There’s just something about her grown-out fringe which is just uber-sexy and carries that effortless vibe, too.

There’s no denying that Alexa truly is one heck of a style chameleon and has also been known to work the Ombré look to total perfection as well as shaggy layers and razored ends- looks that are notoriously tricky to pull off. Full beauty marks to Alexa? We think so. Although she once famously said that her two biggest hair icons are Bryan Jones and Mick Jagger (yes, seriously), we’re still swooning over Alexa’s hair, and will be for many years to come. Ready for some hair inspiration? Click through our gallery and check out Alexa’s best-ever hair moments… Enjoy!


Alexa Chung's Best-Ever Hair Moments: Tousled Waves, Blunt Bangs & Ombre Strands

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alexa chung top hair 14

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alexa-chung-fringe16 of 30


alexa-chung-fringe-heavy17 of 30


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alexa-chung-red-lipstick25 of 30


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alexa-chung-updo28 of 30


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