Alexa Chung Shows Us That Braids Aren’t Just For Schoolgirls

Alexa Chung Shows Us That Braids Aren't Just For Schoolgirls


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Alexa Chung might be known for being adventurous with her dress sense, but her hair often follows a tried-and-tested formula: choppy fringe, loose texture, and a lot of artful disheveledness. So, when we saw the Queen of Cool step out with a new 'do last night, we were pleasantly suprised. That's right, Alexa has succumbed to braid fever.

What we love about Alexa's hair is that she's put her own spin on it - two braids can look childish, or harken back to school days. Alexa's shorter length has steered her away from that territory, as well as her fringe being loose and parted rather than a full, blunt one. The whole style, we'll admit, is hard to pull off. The fact that Alexa basically radiates cool makes this look a lot more palatable on her, but mere mortals could go for something similar with looser, longer plaits, and leaving fringes unkempt and textured.

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Now Alexa's one of many A-Listers to work this look: we charted the advent of plait-mania after Margot Robbie showed us this incredble duo milkmaid braid, which managed to look both sophisticated and fun. But it didn't even start with Margot; heaps of designers showed braids at Fashion Week this season. Plus, watching the new Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One always gets us thinking about intricate plaited 'dos.


The great thing about the braid bandwagon is that there's so many ways to work it; loose side braids, fishtails, milkmaid braids, French plaits, plaits inside plaits - the possibilities are basically endless. Click through the gallery below to see more of Alexa's best beauty looks...


Alexa Chung's Best-Ever Hair Moments: Tousled Waves, Blunt Bangs & Ombre Strands

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We'll hand over to the lady herself to explain this one... !@chungalexa: RAINBOW HAIR !! @lorealprofuk :-) #plaits #braids #slightfilter #spon #hairchalk"

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Va-va-voom! We love this foxy evening look with tonnes of glossy shine.

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Alexa is our beachy hair inspiration all year round. We're loving her tousled lengths and rock'n'roll fringe.

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Alexa can do evening glamour, too. Just look at this sleek style.

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Headbands aren't just for school girls. Alexa looks seriously cute with this accessorised 'do.

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The fringe is Alexa's trademark. Worn either thick and full or centre-parted, Alexa's fringe never looks contrived or try-hard.

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Clearly living in New York's added some gloss to Alexa's look. We love seeing work polished styles like this one.

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Alexa looks adorably fresh-face in this snap. That reddish hue warms up her skin beautifully.

alexa chung top hair 12
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Alexa was an ombre champion well before the rest of us. Check out this cool dye job.

alexa chung top hair 14
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On anyone else, a fringe this heavy would be overkill, but Alexa carries it off with aplomb.

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Pure Alexa perfection. Tousled strands, a warm reddish brown tone and oodles of nonchalance. Sadly, not all of this can come from your hairdresser - not that it will stop us trying.

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Alexa braved an even shorter chop recently - the length frames her face just so, and we love the darker hue. The wet-look effect is kept wonderfully unfussy thanks to the loose waves and tousled texture.

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Oh Alexa, how do you do it? The perennially cool indie queen looks so hip with these pigtails. With that piecey fringe and cute ribbons, it's grown up rather than schoolgirl. We love.

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A masterclass in undone evening glamour. Beautifully glossy with big, defined curls, but still with that heavy fringe, this is a truly British way to do polished.

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Hello, lady danger. A vampy evening look for Alexa, this style shows she can turn her hand to an updo, too. A loose bun teamed with face-framing flyaways is our dream 'do.

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This is obsession-worthy. Bardot-esque with tonnes of slept-in volume and messy lengths, Alexa is serving indie perfection with this 'do.

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Working another updo, Alexa's playing to her strengths here with this ponytail and fringe combo. We love how artfully curled those front pieces are.

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Alexa is rocking a bouncy blowdry here! The closest thing Alexa'll do to a Bloomingdale's blow-out, this style is glossy, voluminious and we'd like it now, please.

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With a deep side parting and a slicked-back roots, Alexa looks sporty and fresh.

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This what we call a power pony. Worn loose, close to the nape of her neck and plenty of loose tendrils, this is a chic way to do a sporty look.

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Bringing back that chin-skimming length and adding her trademark bed-head, this is a seriously cool look.

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Vintage Alexa! We love this fun, festival look. Two dinky face-framing braids with some undone lengths make for a boho babe look.

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Messy hair, don't care. A loose pony and a centre part keep things casual.

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Get Alexa's chic 'do here by adding dry shampoo and texturising spray to your hair before bed. As you sleep, it'll work into the hair and give you this super-cool texture.

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A more directional look with Alexa's shortest length yet and a very deep side parting.

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How dreamy is this? Loose, barrel curls have a little Hollywood glamour, while the bobbed length and soft movement keeps it unfussy. #HairGoals.

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This updo perfectly frames Alexa's cheekbones - plus, we love the glossy shine.

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A perfect summery style. Beat the humidity with salty, beachy texture and your fringe swept off your face like Ms Chung.

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Now this is a fun look. Sleek and pinned-back on one side and teased and tousled on the other, this is a great elegant 'do for shorter lengths.

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