Grown-Up Fragrances To Spritz Now

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Grown-Up Fragrances To Spritz Now

by Nellie Eden |
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Just like the taste of Sunny D, or the sound of the Roswell Park theme tune (Dido FYI) the waft of a fragrance-past can drag me back to the last vestiges of my youth.

The thick fog that clouded any sleep over, or the weighty film that hung over the corridors of our teen-hood, are important smells. Maybe you were a Miss Dior girl (well behaved, definitely in the netball A team). Perhaps Britney Spears Fantasy was your poison (cheeky, naughty and one of the lads). No? Where you perchance a Chanel Mademoiselle kind of a woman (sophisticated-you definitely had a boyfriend and walked around with your iPod in at lunch). None of the above? Ok, that pretty much leaves Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue (fashion forwards, going places) or Impulse lass (no messing about).

The fact is, we’re still as tribal with fragrances as we were then, they just come in posher bottles and smell less like Haribo. The bottle you chose to position centre stage on your vanity unit or lidless on your unmade bed says as much about you as the cut of the jeans you wear. It’s just now you’re an adult and deciding on what you’re going to smell like every day is actually an adult decision that shouldn’t be made hastily. If you’re still using that sticky bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy your Nan bought for your 21st - shame on you. That’s what the recycling bin is for Mademoiselle. Because, like finally buying a practical handbag or your first serum, now is the time to invest in a proper scent. If you’re stuck on a bad habit and not sure you’d like to blindly follow your own nose, feareth not, here’s our guide to the best off-the-beaten-track (walk, slowly, backwards out of Superdrug) very grown up, boss lady perfumes.


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Byredo, Bal D’Afrique, £95.00

If you're into monochromatic interior designs, Matisse-style illustrators, stick and poke tattoos and ACNE bomber jackets, look no further. May we introduce to you the rather unisex, and highly sexy smell that is Bad D'Afrique. With black amber, cedarwood and jasmine in the mix, this is a highly distinctive and fresh fragrance.

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Le Labo, Rose 31, £175.00

Because, come on, you can't wear Santal anymore. Fuckbois have a monopoly on the Santal scent m'fraid, so unless you're part of the furniture at Chiltern Firehouse and own more Nudie jeans than your mates, it's time to park it (I know - it smells so good). But, may we introduce to you the lesser known Le Labo smell - Rose 31. This one's got balls but it's ever so slightly more feminine than Santal and more importantly lesser known. FYI you can totally buy a small sample from any Le Labo shop for £8.00 which is a worthwhile test as this one's a real investment. Bonus: Their fragrances last all day and night.

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Balenciaga, B, £75.60, John Lewis

If you were a Chanel Mademoiselle lady in your youth, this is a savvy upgrade. Balenciaga not only touts £1000 jeans and Ikea designer bags, but equally iconic fragrances. This perfume is as pretty as a bottle. Top notes FYI: lily of the valley bell, violet green leaves accord and green edamame accord.

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Frederic Malle, Portrait of a Lady Eau de Parfum, £230.00, Selfridges

Ok, this is for our connoisseurs out there. This unique smell is so distinctive and lasts all day long. The exotic ingredients (Turkish Rose and patchouli) are just a small indication of quite how luxurious this perfume is. Oh, NB…it's as expensive as a flight so get savin'.

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Comme des Garçons 2 Eau de Parfum, £70, Net-A-Porter

A classy choice. For any Japanese design fanatics, tomboys, minimalist devotees and Dover Street Market pilgrims, this unisex fragrance is punchy and fresh. Orange, Mandarin and Magnolia are all combined with richer ingredients like Chinese Cedar and Juniper, for an ultimately high-brow and not too spenny addition to your vanity unit.

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Prada, Amber £78.30, John Lewis

Not only do they make the best shoes on the planet but they're also not too shabby at mixing a perfume too. This fragrance is an elegant upgrade and a not too intimidating scent. A subtle blend of Sandalwood oil from India, patchouli leaves from Indonesia, labdanum resin from France and benzoin from Thailand, appaz, this chic lil' number will look ideal on your shelf.

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Aqua Di Parma, Iris Nobile, £110.00, John Lewis

Ok, this is the equivalent of having a Dostoyevsky book half open on your lap when your roommate walks in. Bad-a-bing! You have arrived. This perfume smells like your holidays, lemons and a little bit like a forest all at the same time. Invest now.

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Nicki Minaj, Pink Print, £20.00, The Fragrance Shop

Ok, I'll let one slip in under the net. If you insist on a celebrity fragrance, Nicki Minaj's Pink Print actually smells half decent (coconut and orange blossom feature heavily), but you will need to invest in a new box to hide it in…eye roll.

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