Can Standing Inside A Minus 89 Degree Chamber Make You More Beautiful?

No that's not a typo. Yes, that says minus 89 degrees.

Cryotherapy Minus 89 Degree Chamber Make You More Beautiful?

by Aimee Jakes |

If you told me I’d volunteer to spend three minutes of my precious time in a MINUS 89 degree chamber on the fourth floor of Harvey Nichols in the name of beauty, I’d have most-likely laughed in your face. Har har har! I can barely stay alive in my flat without turning the heating on! I refuse to leave the house in January in case I catch hyperthermia! I own a pair of thermal tights, for Christ sake!

Then of course, I remembered how fucking easily lured in I am, when ‘glowing skin’ is on the cards. Pass me the winter bobble hat and call me Mariah Carey, huns.

111 Cryo is essentially a ice cold chamber (MINUS 89 DEGREES) where you stand inside for three minutes and the A-List are obsessed with it. No really. Football players, celebs-types, even Daniel Craig did it for his Bond training. It’s no surprise really, when the treatment boasts mighty claims such as muscle repair, increased skin collagen, metabolism revival and a rush of endorphins which leave users feeling giddy with happiness. Yes, giddy.


So, how does Cryotherapy work?

By subjecting your body to freezing temperatures for three minutes allows your muscles to heal quickly and your skin to repair.

Your body releases the ‘fight or flight response (because your body thinks it’s literally freezing to death, lol) which means endorphins and adrenaline is released, meaning you feel as happy as you do after a spin class or going on a spectacular first date.

As your body warms up and brings you back to a normal temperature, it can burn between 500 - 800 calories in 24 hours and encourage fat-burning.

What was 111 Cryo like? A review please.

When you arrive you are given shorts, a sports bra, gloves, a hat and snow boots to wear. The kit is in muted grey tones and I am so into it. I get to pick a song of my choice and I panic choose Bieber and DJ Khaled's I'm The One. I then stood in the small chamber, which suddenly began to fog up. The kind gentleman who is guiding me through this eventful experience told me beforehand to copy his movements, which range between touching my toes and starjumps. Yep, I am in my underwear and snow boots doing starjumps in a -89 degree chamber. Jealous, hun?

I was honestly worried I'd die or something, but it didn't actually hurt at all. The tops of my arms felt uncomfortable near the end, but apart from that, I actually almost had fun. After leaving the chamber, my skin temperature was measured and it had gone down to -18 degrees. JESUS.

111 Cyro review - does it actually work?

Dear reader, I don’t want you spend 95 of your hard-earned english pounds on some ice-cooling chamber, if it does nothing but make you wish you were lead sipping a mojito on a beach in spain. Or worse, standing in an ice old chamber in your pants with an entire marketing team laughing at your expense.

So, I have evaluated each claim with care and consideration.

Claim 1 ‘Gets rid of any muscle aches and pain’

I picked a great week to try Cryotherapy if I do say so myself. I went to F45 (a HIT workout that makes my muscles quiver thinking about it) every morning before work and by the Friday, my arms felt incredibly achy and I couldn’t even hairdry my hair without wanting to cry a little bit. After 111Cryo, the pain was no more. Zilch. Bye Felicia!

Verdict: 10/10 take all my money

Claim 2 ‘Speeds up your metabolism and burns calories’

This one is a difficult one to report on isn’t it! I don’t weigh myself, nor do I take regular measurements of my thighs (who can be bothered) so I can’t tell you if I’ve lost weight. However, what I can tell you is that I did feel VERY hungry afterwards and had to do a food shop on the way home, despite the fact it was a Friday night and every other person my age was snogging someone at the pub.

Verdict: 4/10

Claim 3 ‘Gives you a rush of endorphins and makes you happier’

I am generally a happy person, but I was excited to feel so happy I could explode into a puddle of giggles, unicorns and smiles. I was having a generally good day as I got to dress up as Gemma Collins in work (don’t ask) and it was a Friday. However, after the Cyrotherapy I did feel happier, but also my head felt delightfully clear.

*Verdict: 10/10 *

Claim 4 ‘More energy'

I felt like a superhero. If a cat was stuck in a tree, I would have got it down for you and made you a cup of tea and sent your nanna a little postcard all at the same time. I kinda regret having this treatment so late on a Friday evening with zero plans, because if I had it before work, I'd have definitely blagged myself a promotion on the spot.

Verdict: 12/10

Claim 5 'A better quality night's sleep'

I had a bloody lovely sleep, thanks for asking. At one point, I did have very vivid dreams but that's probably more due to the fact I drink eight cups of coffee a day (don't do that). I woke up from my ten hour sleep and felt BORN AGAIN.

*Verdict 8/10 *

Overall thoughts: Definitely has a lot of great benefits, though of course, rather pricey. I recommend investing if you need some TLC for a big event or yknow, you're the next James Bond.

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